What Will LittleSmoochDog's Costumes Be?

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What will LittleSmoochDog's costume be?

Poll closed Oct 3, 2013.
Zombie 22 vote(s) 44.9%
Chicken 14 vote(s) 28.6%
Other 13 vote(s) 26.5%
  1. We are holding a vote for what our daughter's costume is going to be for MINECON. She want's to be a zombie, smooch and I have said a chicken. We thought it would be fun to let the awesome EMC community help us decide. Keep in mind please, that what ever is suggested, I have to be able to make a costume for it, if it's chosen.

    Just post your vote in the thread

    The voting will close October 3rd
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  2. She should be Skeleton or Zombie
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  3. You gotta pick one :)
  4. Slime!
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  5. Well, if Sassy Smooch goes as himself, your daughter could be the dog carried around in his purse.
  6. Zombie \o3o/
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  7. Lol no. It's gotta be something everyone there will know, so she attracts people to her and can give them info about EMC. :)
  8. Advertising is key here.
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  9. That and it's always fun to dress up. :)
  10. Go as... an Enderman? or perhaps the most useless mob in Minecraft, a bat!
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  11. Duh, the obvious answer is as a lil' muffin ;3
  12. Be the hound, the netherhound ;)
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  13. Silverfish.
  14. Zombie, though, how old is she? If she's really young a chicken might be cute. :p
  15. dress her up like a chickeneer
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  16. A cow, OR a blaze :p
  17. How about a wither?
  18. She is 4 :)
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