What was the most money you've ever spent on EMC?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by W0H, Mar 22, 2014.


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  1. This is just a question for all of y'all out there with nothing better to do :) So, whats the most rupees you spent at one time on EMC? What was it for?

    Just curious :) Mine is 400,000 on TONS of quartz and glowstone :D
  2. over 9000!
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  3. umm 600k er something :l
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  4. 900k worth of orebusters
  5. 30k on one of the promo bows lately, I think.
  6. 1,700,000r (Lucky bows + vouchers + glowstone)
  7. 172k for a diamond voucher
  8. 125k on a building job before i lost my res, but now it is only 60k on another building job :p
  9. hehe ik why :p
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  10. 35k for 2012 firework :D I try to collect all the rares. Glad I bought an OreBuster when it was still 14k! :DDDDD
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