What was the first thing you did in Minecraft?

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  1. When Justin had me buy the game, we were both very new to it and had our own server to mess around in. Our spawn put us near a mountain and we both took a separate side of it. Justin built an "in the mountain" house with a waterfall going over it. I tried to create a prison...uh I mean zoo for a bunch of animals. I created rooms made out of glass and tried to shove animals into the rooms. I probably spent way to much time on this. The animals in this game are super stubborn when you want them to go somewhere. It took me about an hour to finally get a chicken to go into the room and plaster the room up so it couldn't fly out.

    Boy was I upset the next day when I learned that animals randomly just unspawn if there's nobody around. -_-
  2. The first thing I did when i got Minecraft (after watching some videos on Youtube) was click over and over and over on a tree. I got all flustered and mad because it wouldn't break apart. I was convinced it was a bug and finally on the Minecraft forums I discovered you had to hold down the button, I felt like an idiot lol.
  3. Ah yes, I remember this was your very first tip to me. lol
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  4. The first thing I did in minecraft was spawn in, afk and came back dead, damn creepers!
  5. hmm first time i played a friend was trying to explain the game and i ended up bring in like 10 exploding creeps to the mine and blowing up the whole front side of a mountain
  6. i wandered around looking at stuff, then when it got dark i dug a hole and cowered in it like a little girl until morning.
  7. I was not smart enough to do that, I died very fast lol
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  8. When I first jumped in I really didn't know what I was doing, so I just wandered around until the sun set, at which point I promptly got exploded.

    After watching some tutorial videos, I began excavating a dwelling in a mountaintop (very similar to Justin's house) with a pond above it running down in front and into a lake at the base of the hill.