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  1. Today was my last day of school and now I wonder what to do since I now have TONS of free time on me. Personally MC has been getting boring for me, but who could take a break from EMC even when MC is boring?! Post below of what I should do in MC on EMC with all this wonderful free time.

  2. Take the advice of the minions in your signature. I'll help.
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  3. Cover your res with your favorite material mined by hand. I'm doing this, and it's fun and rewarding.
  4. The minions are right. Now someone needs to be diamond.... lol
  5. It's your last day of school? Mine is next Thursday *walks away from thread grumbling*
  6. stew, you could always dive head first into the smp4 project :)
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  7. I have already been in on that donating glass, ice, and many other needed things :)

    And nuking everything.... not good idea....
  8. we are all going quartz mining everychance we get.... you could come along! we have tons of fun!
  9. I agree with Tinkerbell, go Quartz Mining and help to build the wall, which I still have no clue exactly when is happening, hwo it is happening, and what design we are using, but oh well xD. also I agree with the minions
  10. Hmm, I might tag along some time :p

    I need other suggestions as well though :p Stew does not get Amused when bored :p
  11. What is this smp4 project you speak of?
  12. :eek:
    Ill let tinkerbell explain since she like co-operates the project.
  13. But the minions look so happy...
  14. Your already out of school! I still have three weeks left. ):
  15. I got out two weeks ago :D
  16. ...:mad:
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  17. Go on mining trips, but for a longggg time and go down to bed rock! you will have so much fun just by mining lol, atleast i do haha :D