What to do when you are bored on Empire?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by PieM_, Jan 19, 2013.


Which one is better: Diamond Sword or Infinity Bow

Infinity Bow 22 vote(s) 75.9%
Diamond Sword 7 vote(s) 24.1%
  1. This is a discussion about what to do in Empire when you are bored like I am right now! Also, you can talk about what ever you would like in here too! Have fun and hopefully it is not that boring. ;)

    Also, I need to know what is better in minecraft: A diamond sword or a infinity bow?
  2. I throw diamonds into a pool of lava.
  3. Bored... going to auction some stuff now that I am done with making this thread.
  4. get on pvp servers and jump off stuff to kill people
  5. The boredom dance.
    We have all done it lol
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  6. Funny that you ask what to do when you are bored, my last post was about how I'll never be bored again now that the Lost Woods maze by Deathtomb8953 is finished. I also like to plan how to build other Zelda stuff that I never end up building because I can't focus on anything xD
  7. Bug alex.
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  8. diamond sword all the way
  9. Jump around my residence until something happens.
  10. I usually post random things on random threads or make a thread. Like I did here. lol
  11. We already have one nfell...:p
  12. What to do??? What to do??? I need ideas!!! :mad:
  13. Go on the forums or go talk to someone. Or help jc bug alex.
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  14. i either jump randomly, spaz out, or do /v random
  15. I use my obsidian generator
  16. or get on YouTube and listen to nightcore for about 4 hours
  17. Kill pigs for enjoyment.