What to do on EMC for my Bday?

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  1. Countdown: http://itsalmo.st/#souls13th

    I need ideas on what to do for my 13th birthday :p I would like to make Woodbury, the enemy town in TWD season 3 (and in the comics, issue 27 I think), but i'm having second thoughts. I would love to make something along these lines on my res :p
    I was also thinking of making a big mashup of my favourite TV shows on my res. Basically, the TWD Season 3 prison (some of it, atleast) and a TARDIS in it, with... I dunno. A dinosaur skeleton model or something (documentaries/Land Before Time/Jurassic Park/Prehistoric Park) in it too.

    So, what do you think I should do?

    Also note i'll be doing a birthday party of sorts in it :p
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  2. Happy birthday!
    not sure what you should but have fun being 13.
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  3. Cake, giant cake. Bigger than any other cake.
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  4. but then it will never be big enough because he'll always have to beat the size of his cake, though i may be over thinking it.
  5. You're 23 days early :p
    My my mum wants to do something special for my 13th... So this could be an IRL option xD

    Also i'm replacing the time on the it's almost. I put it on 7, May 10th. Which means the countdown ends at 7 in the night for me on my birthdate... I can't have that happening :p
  6. Wool balloons (the kind that are filled with helium). Tons of them, filling up the sky above your res. All different colors. With white wool strings hanging from them.
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  7. Hot air balloons. With Wolves.
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  8. Holy 13 years... I wonder what I was up 2, back then....

    2 be a jerk, did you know your breaking a rule? >: D
  9. I read this as "What to do on EMC for my Baby."
    And i was like.
    What the hell, Soul has a child? ()_()

    Oh and also.
    You should make your own Woodbury.
    With blackjack and that other thing i cannot remember if i am supposed to say on the forums or not. :p
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  10. If you are making woodbury then it should go next to the prison i'm making on smp5! :) It would be too epic :p

    And then......you could yell at each other and throw things.......then Soul could lose an eye and go even more insane than he had been previously (Keeping heads in fish tanks will do that to you ._. ) And you could start seeing your ghost wife and talking to non-existent people on the phone.

    Then Soul could go crazy and kill a crap ton of people.

    Then your son could go off the deep end.

    And you could adopt everyone from Woodbury into the prison.
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  12. Also I just checked that the res literary right next to it is available :)
  13. That was how i read it! XD
  14. Woah My God, thats GENIUS

    You could make Nemo touching the giant floating "butt" right before he gets kidnapped! XD

    And then, you could make some awesome scene from Finding Dori when it comes out!

    Or you could do a bunch of scenes from Finding Nemo, including when Dori sees the floating light in the abyss and it turns out to be the light thingy on the piranha fish guy, and, like, you could do the scene right before the guy lights up, and then right after XD
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  15. Bit off topic but I'm sure Soul won't mind:
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  16. I keep reading it like that in my alerts :p
    Um wat.
    Lori is serving Milton drinks? :eek:
    What rule am I breaking? :p
    Heh heh.
    I went off the deep end years ago :p Yes, I am saying I would shoot some scared looking teenager without hesitation.
  17. I'm afraid I will have to shun you when you turn 13.
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  18. Seems legit? But hey, you're not the only one =P
    ikr, im a jerk
  19. ((YAY someone else how is 13 :)))
    Happy Birthday!
    My brother made account on EMC so it's I am 16 when he is :p
  20. That's needed there for legal reasons. Justin said he HAS to put it there otherwise the site will get in trouble.
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