What to build? 5 plots empty!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by brickstrike, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. Can you give me ideas of what to build on 5 of my plots. They are completely empty and I want to build on them. Note one of them is a utopia res. Oh and this is why I have so many reserved signatures :p
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  2. Gave up on ur mall ? damz boyz
  3. LOL nope. Just got rid of my horrid material res and transferred it one res over.
    Now I have 5 extra plots :p
  4. Okay, I have been thinking and still I have come up with nothing. This is gonna take FOREVAR! :p
  5. Build.....
    A statue of me :)
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  6. Dig a hole....
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  7. Wow I should do this! /sarcasm
    Besides I will dig too deep.
  8. A res with a floor completely made out of cakes:D it would be a parkour challenge map or dreamhouse res
  9. Fine.......
    build a MINI statue of me! :D
  10. Perhaps...
  11. I was thinking of a parkour res or dream house... Just with more cakes.
  12. Recreate the inside of Tardis underground and have a Tardis in the center of the res. Pretty much make the surrounding area look like park in london.
  13. I think someone already did that...
  14. 5 connected parkour resses.
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  16. I only see gaint TARDISES everywhere. I never see small ones. Well anyway you could always recreate the 5 Pokemon Leagues from all the 5 regions from the currently released games. Kanto,Johto,Hoenn,Sinnoh,Unova.
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  17. How do you have 5 plots?
  18. I have an alt that is a diamond supporter. I have eight in total. Three are being used :)
    Also Qwerty I can't do that because of the fact only one of them is a utopia res. ;/ I would though. Hmm.... Maybe I should delete another on smp 1 for the five res parkour...
    jk of course...
  19. Build a giant cheeseman eating all of his friends, there by making a sandwich in his stomach.
  20. lol wut? I would just build a giant pie.