What the heck?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by MinecraftPro771, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. At the time of post: I started downloading an app from the App Store and then other apps started popping into the screen and started downloading (13 of them). It was weird and these "you have already purchased this app, so it will download at no charge" boxes pop up rapidly. I have no idea what happened...
  2. I think I would highly recommend uninstalling that app.
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  3. Is this Android? Is this a new phone and these apps had been downloaded before on another phone? This happened to me when I sold my tablet and then later got a samnsung phone.
  4. Download AVG, run a scan. :)
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  5. Everyones telling me there's a virus. Well, ok? There is nothing wrong, it started downloading apps I purcchased before. Never happened before... it can't be a virus
  6. That app doesn't have a virus. I downloaded it on a IPad Mini, it didn't do that since it was the first time downloading it. Then I did that on an IPhone and it did that.
  7. Is this device new or freshly wiped clean? If so, your account may just be syncing.
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  8. I could has a back up and restore function, so it may just be syncing your apps and such via icloud