What The Empire Staff Should Do For New Years Day

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Should This Be Implemented and Made Into An EMC Yearly Tradition?

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I believe it should. 7 vote(s) 53.8%
I'd like to see a more active community. 4 vote(s) 30.8%
Not interested, but Okay. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I don't know.. 3 vote(s) 23.1%
I don't want to risk it. 2 vote(s) 15.4%
I believe that we should keep those residences. 2 vote(s) 15.4%
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  1. Hi, I'm Ultimamaxx and I joined Empire Minecraft on May 29th, 2012.

    I have an idea, an idea that the Empire Minecraft Staff should put into their minds this New Year's Day. Continue reading if you are interested.

    Have you ever explored the town on one of the servers that the Empire staff hosts? Ever notice those residences that are owned by inactive members? Some are even claimed AND empty! What I'm trying to say is that.. the Empire Staff should do a major update to the servers in which the inactive members will have their residences reset and unclaimed. That way, we can start the year of 2013 with lots of open plots for new players, and those players can refer their friends and actually have them as a next door neighbor. There are many- I mean TONS of players that have joined the Empire but have never really worked on their residences. In conclusion, all resident owners that have a status of not logging on for 20 days or more on New Year's Day should have their residence reset and unclaimed automatically. What do you think about this important decision? Comment about this post below. :D
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  2. Forgot to change the title..
  3. I love this idea. Right around my res... that is going to be my mega mall is a bunch of empty unused reses (other than my friend's (mvpkd) and my sister's (biddytheboss13) )
  4. This is a great idea but I know there are some iconic spawn reses on smp1 whose owners have not been on for a while and those and some others throughout all the servers.
  5. I was walking around town alot on smp6 and I've seen some buildings incomplete and some players like my neighbors close to my res not returning. :(
  6. The only problem I can see is that when a res is reset it can cause client crashing, and server lag. So if say out of the 1504 res'. 500 got reset thats a lot at once causing mass lag, and some clients to crash if they are near to it.

    EDIT: Also only Snr. Staff can manually reset while the SYSTEM I think will only do it when it needs more space
  7. When Aikar automates residence resettings again, this will happen everyday. Also, it used to be like this until an update broke it and Justin nor Aikar have gotten around to fixing it yet.
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  8. The average empty residences per server is 31. We have derelict residence plans in place already, and we are always open to requests from players. In any case, new players generally do not request a specific residence....