What should we name it? Coming soon - public blaze farm

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What name do you like best?

Poll closed May 10, 2016.
Hot Rods 28 vote(s) 65.1%
Burn 1 vote(s) 2.3%
Blaze Raze 5 vote(s) 11.6%
Blaze Inferno 2 vote(s) 4.7%
Other (leave in comments) 7 vote(s) 16.3%
  1. We still have a few weeks of work left to do, but the newest smp8 Public Wild Utilities farm is about halfway done. It is a blaze farm with 4 separate grinders for drops and XP. All blame goes to AverageWalrus for making us do it.

    I'd like your help in naming it please! Choose a name in the poll, or suggest one of your own. Thanks!

    EDIT: I can't edit the poll, but Claim To Flame by Rhy and Doofni is great :D Vote for that one in comments too if you like it please!
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  2. The flame claim?
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  3. The incinerator-mator.
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  4. Blaze Craze

    or Blaze Crave
  5. Combustion Abduction.
    Combustion Destruction.

    #Rhymes #SoundsCool #10/10
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  6. Burningferno
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  7. I like it but what about just ( Inferno )
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  8. FiredDown.
    Blazes cause fires and the nether is "underneath" the overworld. :p
    I'm still working on my photo editing skills... ;)
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  9. Bump :) So far, Hot Rods is in the lead vote and comment wise. Thank you!
  10. I have no decent ideas, but 'Conflagration Nation'?
    A conflagration is a fire which destroys a large area, and blazes do shoot fire everywhere, so I guess it's appropriate.
    I added nation as, well, it rhymes and there are 4 spawners, making it quite a large area I'd assume.
    It's quite long though :D It could be shortened to CN I guess.
    Under fire? It's kinda in the same mind set as yours, under as the nether is the underworld, and blazes are fire beings :)
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  11. if it gets named hot rods i demand pixel art of hot rod/rodimus from transformers at the farm /nerd moment
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  12. Has everyone voted? Because at the moment, Hot Rods is winning the vote by a landslide. Thanks all :)
  13. Giving this a bump to make sure folks get a chance to name the new build, cheers all :)
  14. Blazin'

    Hot Topic

    Blazin' Rods
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  15. Blazathon? :p
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  16. Blazementus
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  17. again, if hot rods wins, i volunteer to create the aforementioned transformers pixel art ;)

    (I joke, of course! Although I would be happy to donate resources and help in any way as I've said before!)
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  18. It's still looking like Hot Rods by a landslide :) Vote and give your 2 cents please!

    Many thanks to Fishcat, B0bbyTheBuilder, MrCDub, corruptedsmile, Kaptrix, ArmaniBerry, AverageWalrus, FlareonInAction, and probably many more whom escape my poor memory at the moment! We were out there for 7 hours yesterday and made MAJOR progress. The build is really coming along :)
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  19. Blazingly good fun
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  20. I like Claim to Flame personally XD
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