What should my new name be? (If I decide to change it).

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by wonderwoman_16, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone! Today, I decided to make a new thread! So, I'm thinking of changing my name but I might not, too. Also, I may not use any suggestions and come up with my own!

    But, your job.. is to suggest names for me!

    Here's some ideas I chose:
    HKRo (Short for HelloKittyRo)

    Help me! :)

  2. I vote for "MuteKitty"
  3. HelloKittyNub
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  4. Perfect one StalkerKitttyRo
  5. I like all of the above :)
  6. Too ironic. :p
  7. I happen to like hellokittyro. HKro is easier to type however...;)
  8. your signature no just no
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  9. MrsPotato

    I just like potatoes, OK?
  10. I like your name the way it is but i'll try to think of some names :)
  11. OverlyPrecocious