What Should I Make???

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What Should I make with the rooftop?

Castle of cobblestone and wood 4 vote(s) 23.5%
Small houses for trading, eating and so on 4 vote(s) 23.5%
Rooftop lounge 9 vote(s) 52.9%
  1. Hi Everyone!
    Im stumped with what I should do with my residence!!! Please Visit 2630 on smp1 and tell me what I should do with the rooftop!!!
    I will try to incorporate as many ideas as I can...I have some options already so u can vote for those, but feel free to give other ideas in the comment section down below!
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  2. Me, make my minecraft person on your res ;)
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  3. Make up a flag for your residence and fly it atop the roof.
  4. Like What Kind Of Flag? Im Kinda Confused May you explain?
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  5. A flag like a country would have. Design a flag, maybe with colours meaningful to you, then make a flagpole and make your flag design out of wool on the top. Or you can just copy your country's flag :p
  6. A flag of my face :D
  7. Oh ok thanks, I dont have much wool or rupees so I will try to incorporate some of that idea but i do not think i have the time or resources to do that but thanks anyway! Maybe i will make a flag and put it on a wall but probably not a flagpole thanks!
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  8. Umm...
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  9. Try a rooftop garden/lounge. :)
  10. Ok
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  11. "Qwerty189, post:i355057?" Who's that?
  12. I will help you build only if it is a castle of wood or cobble
  13. lol even I know that that is what u typed duh
  14. That was sarcasm. -_-
  15. Make a chest group full of all your enchantments, diamonds, gold, iron and emeralds with a sign above each saying:

    Everyone will LOVE it!
  16. No, you spelt that wrong.

    It's 5 w e e t y :D
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  17. Sure :rolleyes:
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  18. Omg mazz14 is my good friend and i go to school with him you guys are funny