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  1. Hello all! So, I've joined EMC and am not sure what to do with my res. I don't want to own a shop, as that can be tedious, and I don't want any type of farms. Nor am I looking for a type of event res idea. I know I kind of just crossed out a lot of the options, but I'm looking for something super cool and exciting to create that will take me a while, as to keep me busy.
    Thanks all who suggest ideas!
  2. Do you play Fallout?
  3. Before I left I had 6 reses that I had nothing to do with. You're lucky you only have one.

    Maybe build a garden or something.
  4. Sadly, no.
    That sounds like a terrible predicament. A garden does sound kind of nice...
  5. There goes that idea xD
  6. How about a nice home with that garden and then under the house a storage basement for all your promos and mining material go.
  7. Unlike most people over the past 8 months I've designed my res to feature simply put, the whole world and a small nice skin comp arena. This is above ground underground I have an old fashioned farm and my book store. What it comes down to is up to you when you do your res but it should always have a place to call home. You can do whatever you want with your home. I have a clock tower, lots of people have mansions and castles and a few have simple homes and stylized homes. But your main focus for now, should be to make a house to live in and a nice farm, automated or old fashioned. After that maybe you could set up a shop.
  8. If you could give more ideas about your interests, I am sure this community could really help come up with some good ideas. As it stands, I can only glean info from your profile pic, and add that to current events to come up with the idea I have thought of. Maybe some sort of Creeper Mansion. It is getting close to Halloween, and from your pic it appears you like creepers :) So I was thinking of something like you might find in Luigi's Mansion combined with Creepers where people could have an "explosive" experience :) This may not be the avenue you want to pursue, but I am sure it will come to you. Maybe look around the live map at interesting builds on the different SMP's, and then go visit the ones that peak your interest to get ideas.

    Anyways, Good Luck on your build, I look forward to see what you decide to do.

    Welcome to the Empire btw, and we hope you enjoy your time here.

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  9. Amusement park? ;)
  10. You could go classic and build a castle... That could take you a while, if you make it super detailed and push the height limit ;)
  11. Hi and, belated welcome to EMC!

    I personally tried and did create the four Seasons on my lots. Now to change things up im now collaborating with some other players to include those lots with the theme of their builds next to me. So a large chunk of the map will be nicely coordinated. ^_^ and also my main lot is a huge tree with a shopping teleport/directory going inside it for players to use. So that's what I've done :p

    I agree with knightzer0 about know what you like there's plenty of helpful players in EMC who can help with just a tad more info ~_^
  12. Ooh ooh I got an idea
    Create a decently sized castle and then build another castle over that one upside down
    or you could just build a simple olde pyramid I guess c: