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  1. Hello everyone

    This thread is to discuss some enchanted items and if I should auction them off individually, in groups, or as one big chest full of awesomeness, as well as how much they might go for.

    Now these items aren't that great (that is one of the main reasons im possibly going to auction them off or not) and 3-4 of them have a small usage on them however some are enchants that some people seem to want at times.

    I will list the items I am thinking of auctioning and maybe people on here could let me know what they think. If its just 1 or 2 people that comment I probably wont end up doing the auction because it will be obvious only 1 or 2 people are actually interested in the items and so they are not very sought after.

    Most of the items are made of iron just fyi.

    Enchanted Armor:

    • Aqua Affinity I (1) Helmet (iron) x 3
    • Respiration I (1) Helmet (iron) x 2
    • Projectile Protection II (2) Respiration I (1) Helmet (iron) x 1
    • Fire Protection I (1) Helmet (iron) x 2
    • Projectile Protection II (2) Helmet (iron) x 5
    • Blast Protection IV (4) Helmet (iron) x 1
    • Fire Protection IV (4) Helmet (iron) x 1
    Chest plates:
    • Projectile Protection II (2) Chest plate (iron) x 3
    • Projectile Protection II (2) Leggings (iron) x 1
    • Projectile Protection II (2) Boots (iron) x 1 (SLIGHTLY USED! As in you can see a full green bar)
    • Projectile Protection I (1) Feather Falling I (1) Boots (iron) x 1
    • Protection II (2) Feather Falling III (3) Boots (leather) x 1
    • Protection I (1) Feather Falling I (1) Boots (iron) x 1 (SLIGHTLY USED! As in you can see a almost all green except a small sliver)
    • Fire Protection IV (4) Boots (iron) x 1
    • Protection II (2) Boots (iron) x 1

    Enchanted Tools:

    • Bane of Arthropods I (1) Sword (iron) x 1
    • Knock back I (1) Bane of Arthropods I (1) Sword (iron) x 1
    • Bane of Arthropods II (2) Sword (iron) x 1
    • Bane of Arthropods V (5) Sword (iron) x 1
    • Bane of Arthropods V (5) Fire Aspect II (2) Sword (iron) x 1
    • Fortune I (1) Shovel (iron) x 1
    • Fortune I (1) Efficiency II (2) Shovel (iron) x 1
    • Fortune I (1) Pickaxe (diamond) x 1 (SLIGHTLY USED! As in mostly green bar with a small chunk off the end)
    • Fortune II (2) Efficiency III (3) Pickaxe (diamond) x 1 (SLIGHTLY USED! As in mostly green bar with small chunk off the end, slightly more then the previous pickaxe mentioned but still mostly green bar)

    Those are the items I am possibly interested in auctioning. I am JUST looking for opinions and possibly a few general legitimate guesses as to how much people will be willing to pay for one, some, all of these items. I will not be auctioning them off on this topic or selling them off this topic. If I do plan to auction them or sell them after enough comments I will post a link to where in the forums the auction(s) are in this thread.

    If I get quite a few within the next day or two the auction(s) may be up very soon. If it takes a while like a week or so before I get any legitimate comments about this I probably wont auction them off (showing that not many people are interested anyways).

    I hope this is the okay place to post a topic of this sort.

    Have at it!
  2. No one yet? lol I guess no one is interested at all in any of these items or has any opinions on what I should do.
  3. Just to put it out there to all the noobs reading this: the highest aquafinity is 1.
    These items are great. I may want to personally buy dome of these items off of you. Contact me in private chat with this list of items.
  4. Finally someone who replied. :p And yeah I know some of these items are good for certain things but I know they aren't the best you could auction off. But yeah im just curious what some people will pay for one/some/all of these items. And if I should group them or not if I were to auction them. I am not to sure of selling them unless I get reasonable offers because some of these items took a while to get and weren't really the ones I wanted. :p Btw most of these were made way back before the 1.2.5 update. :p So yeah iv been wasting space for a while. And finally got around to posting a thing about them.
  5. Since the items are iron, most of it won't be worth more than 1,500 rupees. Although, fortune can sell for a highprice. I think you should sell them individually.
  6. And btw this thread should go to community marketplace since u aren't actually auctioning off any enchanted items
  7. I would auction it all together in a bundle. People don't normally bother with iron items, but as a "job lot" it should sell.

    I would leave out the partly-used items; keep it simple, make it an auction of all-new. Once you start having to explain how used it is (even if it's only slight), it can put people off.

    I'd put 'em in a chest, make a pretty picture of it, and auction it all in one package.

    IMHO, YMMV, etc.
  8. Oh finally some more comments. :p And sorry I didn't think about community marketplace.

    And yeah I wasn't sure about the slightly used items but I have no use for them so I figured I would add them in to see some opinions on it.

    Also just cause they are iron doesn't mean they are a lot less worth then a diamond version. Diamond only has more durability. You don't use durability at all when using them, only when you get hit by mobs do they take damage at least from what iv seen and researched. So like those helmets with aqua affinity should always work as long as your not letting yourself get attacked a lot and break them that way. And I think with feather falling they don't take damage when you fall from a high place you might still lose health or possibly die (less chance with feather falling on) but they stay brand new I think. I will check my research when I get home later.
  9. For tools durability determines how many times the tool can be used. On armor you are right, when any you take damage, each piece of armor you are wearing loses durability

    from minecraftwiki:

    Tool durability

    Values stand for the number of useful actions that tool can perform.

    Durability 33 60 132 251 1562
  10. Okay so far though iv gotten only 2 answers 1 saying I shouldn't group them, and one saying I should. :S Its kinda 50/50 now :p lol back where I started. :) Even though I probably will leave out or auction off the fortune 1 picks that are already damaged and other damaged items in separate auctions.
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