What should i do next?

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  1. So just half an hour ago, i got bashed (badly):(. Long story short, I was talking to 2 of my friends on my way home and i was bashed by an exchange student who happens to be in the same school with me. This is how it happened-
    1 of my friend (max) was talking to the exchange student (refered as Leo) and so me and my other friends (name doesnt really matter) started to ditch them. Leo called out 'Stop' , and i was like 'what u gone to do about it' and he started to chase us. I was the slowest and i got caught by leo (taken by suprise), he throwed me to the ground (dont know was thats for), i landed head first on the rock hard ground, he then puts me into a headlock, he was going to punch me then a member of pubilc came and Leo started to ran away.
    I was dumb, i decided to catch a train (even after the member of pubilc decides to drive me home).
    And Leo caught me in the train,
    me' dude stop, i will tell (why did i do that)'
    leo' dont be a coward, face me outside'
    me (knowing that getting off the train is not a smart idea) 'no, at least say sorry'
    leo ' ive never said sorry in my life'

    after some times of 'chatting'
    we decided to shake hands (knowing that i will get bashed again)

    what should i do? next ouch, i got brusies everywhere

    btw leo is 4 years older then me 2 times bigger than me, sorry for the bad grammar, i am on my phone right now.
  2. Inform the authorities, perhaps?
  3. Ouch, "inform the authorities" doesnt seems to work, noone cares, poilce are looking for "real" crimes !!!!!
  4. Isn't harming another human being a "real" crime? If it gets worse you should definitely let the authorities know anyways.
  5. I don't think that this is any different to assault.
    Try talking with a teacher or someone who knows Leo first, calling the coppas may be a bit too far if its only happened once.
  6. Where do you does he live? I'll drive (across the ocean, like a boss) to Australia myself and knock this kid's brains out.
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  7. EDIT..... lols
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  8. Thanks guys, I will try to avoid seeing him :(