What should i build on 15000 on smp7?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Hijaxk, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Hello EMC
    I have recently been Looking around on Emc servers and i happened to type in Res Number 15000.
    Well , it was Open and I went to my 2nd res 17000 (Open if you want it ) And unclaimed it.
    I went strait back to Smp7 to claim it .
    I was wondering what i should build on 15000 And Made out of what. If you would like to move in next to me Around 15000 that would be nice because everyone around me is not active. Please Reply in the comments and Give me ideas.

    The SWAG Magician , Hijaxk
  2. I would like to see another Mega mall on smp7. Competition is always nice :p
  3. Hmmmm maybe!
  4. A statue of me made of diamond blocks.
  5. .... Just no
  6. 15164 is the Competition
  7. A replica of Big Ben.
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  8. how about a giant statue of Atlas struggling to hold up the world on his shoulders, or a wheat farm or something
  10. Cover your res in carpet.
  11. Bump Maybe the Atlas statue
  12. Build Lucky 38.
  13. I was going to for a bit but ran out of Wool and blocks I decided to stop because it would cost me over 150k est
  14. Um... the Citadel form Fallout 3?
    or a almost Exact replica of Vault 101 and some of the waste lands around it?
    Tops Casino for gabbling your Ruppies?
  15. Your YES MAN, you have to say Yes, its against your programing to say no.
  16. I have tried Fallout stuff
  17. well with the Casino you could make profits