What should be a new block

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  1. I think there should be a new block on MC
    Like a new ingot or food
    Maybe a new edition to redstone
    Who knows? :eek: What do you think the new block should be? Rubber No copying my block :p
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  2. Slimy rails. Slows down rails but keeps them going.
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  3. You asked about a new block, and your examples were both items.
  4. We need cheese and Cheese Blocks.
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  5. Hmm, meat blocks :D
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  6. More TNT variations.
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  7. Yes. YEEEES.
  8. I have always wanted grenades. Rare drop from creeper maybe?
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  9. New Arrow types. Explosive, Sniper (really accurate), fire, torch, ETC
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  10. And XP block that when you break it you get 45 levels and it's found mining. Its more rare then emerald and diamond put together, And it can only be in ore form if picked up with diamond silk touch pick.
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  11. what is your signature about?
  12. Click it to find out! :D
  13. i did but i dont want to give an internet if i dont know what it does... LOL
  14. Oh yeah!
  15. A round or sphere shaped decoration block.
    Even mostly rectangular Lego's have round blocks.
  16. NO STAHP you cant do that its blocks only
  17. Petrified Monster
    A "statue" of a monster, found randomly in the world. They were looking at something before they were petrified...
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  18. Uh... erm... hmmm... A beehive? A dead mooshroom? A stone stair similar to stone slabs? Yes, I think all three. :p
  19. Sideways slabs and stairs
  20. Maybe a hopper that removes stacks of items at once? I say this because i am moving all my items to auto storage and it is going too slow :p
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