What Shall I Do With My Res?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by karatekick2001, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. Title says it all, I don't know what to build :D
    NOTE: I'm already building a mall on another res, so that's out. I also already run a museum.
    Any suggestions are appreciated!

    Res: SMP9 at 18137
  2. Put a fence around it!
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  3. Genius.
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  4. Try creating an amusement park.
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  5. I'm actually working on one of those for an enterprise on EMC, oops :oops:
  6. Build something that looks good - maybe a small village or something. My favorite things to build don't actually have function.
  7. I like where you're headed, and I was considering making something like that a lot. However, I don't really want something like a small village, something more modern, but I don't know what :(
  8. Actually, already done :p
    Iron bars, stone slabs, and bricks :D
  9. 200 foot tall statue of a taco.
  10. Yes. Just yes. Nothing Else.
  11. Yes.
    However, I do like the idea of building a statue of something. SDOliveira built a huge statue on SMP9, maybe I can do something like that too.

    Thoughts on what to create a statue of?
  12. A taco.
  13. TACO
  14. Oh god, what have you started bemvino?!
    Anyways, something reasonable guys :p
    A taco would be too amazing for my res :3
  15. How about a burrito? :D
    Now now, come on people, what would you like to see on EMC?
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  17. Something I did once: recreate the town spawn on your res. Slightly (very) much harder than it was when I did it but still a fun project.
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  18. How about......*drum roll* a statue of ......a SANDWICH
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  20. A statue of me would be pretty cool. :p If you want to make a statue, then think of the things you like and try to come up with ideas that way! The possibilities for building are endless! :)