What really grinds my gears

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  1. Hey guys ! I might just be ranting here but have you or even see on local chat where ur always asking for something or there are a ton of other people are asking for specific items and no one helps you out.. Ive seen justins post on a sccessful shop and i do that all the time and i get ton of people who are in demand for something and i tell "go to blah blah i got that item" and then ur res #. But it just really ticks me off when i see people going crazy over chat that hey come to 324234242 we have everything u need.. its like dude i just asked if someone has that and u didnt say anything.. -_- please tell me im not the only person going through this..
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  2. im aslo going through this.
  3. Yes and it is very annoying.. Im starting a shop on smp1 that will try and have almost everything. especially the items people use alot (wood, cobble, stone ect.)
  4. I see where you are coming from. Today this guy keept asking for everyone to donate to hi. He asked like a million times.
  5. ya like ugh.. i just dont get some people..
  6. after they do that enough you should find a mod to come and see if they can get them to stop spamming. ive had to do that a few times. i think its kinda ironic how a friend IRL was playing on EMC and kept using his macros mod to advertise his shop, so he got auto kicked. a minute after re-joining he was kicked by edmund and was banned for an hour. he deserved, because his shop wasnt actually stocked or anything, and had half the stuff he said he did. also i warned him not to spam, but he did.

    and some people just want to see the world burn... little did we know this world was Minecraftia.
  7. " Cheap shop # xxxx "
    " 1 stick 100r "

    I personally try to tell players as often as possible when i do have an item they need , but i won't bother if they said something along the lines" who has cheap xitem ". Cheap is an over used and inaccurate / misused word.
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  8. Thats true, You cant get anything cheap really.. you would be searching for hours. ya some shops have lower prices but usually ur not going to find the exact price you want
  9. or some shops that are mere pennies of cost to you are all out of stock. :(
  10. Yea i get what you are saying its annoying sometimes, and yea i hate when people ask for a hand out or please donate R to start up the best shop on Smp#.. -_- sign lol. anyways i can go on but yea i only deal with Wood etc and Obsidain market.
  11. My shop is cheap..but if someone says "We have everything super cheap!" it's usually a lie. Ever tried to make things super cheap? You run out before you can even type it in the chat box. :D
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  12. I play on SMP4, there's these people who keep asking for string on and on and on and then of course there's those that say "come to XXX res# blah blah blah" and then the guy who keeps asking "who's got cheap string?!" Its like... DUDE at least 3-4 shops just advertised... shut it! They just go ON and ON and ON!

    The other thing that annoys me is: "please donate to win!" WTH? Please go find the definition of donate THEN please use it properly (no not you the OP or anyone in this thread, I mean the dummies who overly use the word "donate").

    You don't "donate" to win, you PAY to win! Geeze!
  13. THe mods dont really crack down on this unless it is spam regardless.
  14. i know what you mean to get rid of them i ask if they have disk 11
  15. maybe that should be a new rule? you cant advertise your shop in a non-chat related situation (aka someone asking where they can get some coal) more than once every 5 minutes or else you can get kicked.
  16. Again, How would you enforce this without constant moderating?
  17. i think they should make a chat channel so everyone with a shop says ch sh and then if you would liek to type something you would liek to buy you type /tell shop who sells coal?
  18. Most likely if they created another channel, you would need to join the channel for this. Also, there IS a shop database now.
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  19. Well see that's the thing, its only in town; I don't know where all the mods are but if there's a mod IN town they ought to do something; its almost always constant spam.

    But better; why not configure the chat to only allow 2-3 lines from the same player every 5 minutes max that way they can't spam so much?
  20. Because it would be impossible to have a conversation this way.

    And there is such a thing as free speech. And feeling like you cant say anything without fear of being kicked or banned is no way to run a server. THey are already pretty lax on the small things. Besides which, they cannot be on very server all the time, and im sure they dont want to have to monitor everything all the time. Its not their job to make sure everybody obeys every single rule every minute of the day. They do have lives.
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