What plugins does emc use

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  1. He what plugins and versions of pluggins emc uses
  2. Most of the plugins that are used on EMC is custom coded by Aikar. Some of the non-custom plugins might include WorldEdit, and maybe a couple other really basic ones, but all the major features are custom.
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  3. As nick said, most are custom-coded for a unique experience. It also prevents people from copying the Empire and creating another server.
  4. What nick said, just a bit curious though; why do you want to know what plugins and more specifically what versions of those plugins are used on EMC?
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  5. Let's see... The amazingness plugin, the community plugin, and the Aikar plugin.
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  6. Economy_ruin.jar? :p
  7. Bukkit is one we use.
  8. Bukkit isn't a plugin. Plus we use Spigot which uses a modified version of Bukkit.
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  9. Yes… why?
  10. We use Bukkit/Spigot as our "core" but then Aikar customises it from there. All our plugins, except for World Edit and Mob Disguise (there might be a few more) are pretty much our own. :)
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  11. AKA the colored names???
  12. Of you did /? Instead of /help last July, You could view the default Bukkit help page. This showed a few plugins:

    -Empire (custom)
    -Mob disguise

    That is all. :)
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  13. What do you mean?
  14. While /plugins doesn't show anything, You can do /pl show
  15. Half of the plugins used here are proprietary.. Like the one program that the mods use.. Square, I think I have heard it called.
  16. Ok I was just curious u guys are really quick to respond. Why do I want to know, because I am playing on the server and I want to know what they use
  17. Yup, that is correct.

    Here's a screenshot:
  18. Amazing. :)
  19. the colored names above players. did that get removed?
  20. That's also custom. :)
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