What multi-player new or very old video games have you had most fun on.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by The_Boulder, May 23, 2012.

  1. Well duh Minecraft Emc is top for me but others are dance central for kinect, MW2-3, playing all the super smash bros game but the "Brawl" is best one yet, goldeneye, and star fox 64 "Do a barrel row!" also dont know if other thread like but I'm on 4 hour drive got time to kill lol
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  2. Runescape
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  3. Modern Wafare 2 and Minecraft tekki


    MW2- Because I have had it for ages and it has always been fun to piss about on (mike myers and SAD xD)

    Minecraft - (I do not even have to put why xD)
  4. Yea I like MW2 game better cause had work at to get orange / blue tiger skins and it's the one that started or set a tone for FPS should
    Haha yea minecraft - if someone ask me why? I will 5 finger death punch them and say "don't question why it's the best just play to find out"
  6. Wii sports resort!
    Happy Wheels!
    GTA IV!
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  7. I agree with all of that and I do the same thing, play ssbb (super smash bros brawl) on long car trip:p
  8. Gotta be TF2.
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  9. Battlefield 3, :)
    Looks awsome, Plays awsome,If you got the PC for it :p
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  10. I think not many people got that kind of pc... Me not! I'm sure! :p
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  11. Goldeneye on the 64 and Halo: Combat Evolved. Games were bad*** for split screen.
  12. Idk, i think battlefield 3 is pretty much destroyed now after they nerfed everything. I prefer Bad Company 2 over it.
  13. Well,I just play it for the amazing pics :)

    You might want to watch this first :p
    Remember to do it Full screen and 1080p :)
  14. yeah BF3 is great (I play on console but it plays on my PC :p though)
  15. Buy it on PC,You wont regret it :p
  16. I had it but I sold it because all my friends have a console with it and appalling PCs like 10FPS on MC xD
  17. I have about 60FPS so Im good(In bf3)1
    Minecraft? about 280FPS
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  18. I own the game on the 360. Played it on my uncles computer. I don't like playing shooters on the computer because hackers ruin the experience... Ran into many on BF3 on the PC :/
  19. Lol knife only of karate chop all day lol and halo kinda played but played crap load on halo online and creative mode < forgot name of it
  20. That would be "Forge". The map editor. When i got Halo: Reach, that was the first thing i went onto. xD