What Minecraft update was your favorite?

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  1. Mine was 1.2.5. It just seemed/seems a lot more fun to play it than 1.4.7. The terrain generation seems more interesting, and the mountain biomes always had something to enjoy, not just Emeralds. I still go back and play on a 1.2.5 world every once and awhile.
  2. The one which added multiplayer.
  3. So, InfDev?
  4. 1.7.3
    Sure, no water elevators.. had to use a ton of ladders.. Maybe 1.5 would be a better one to choose.

    Either way, Minecraft really was a different game back then.
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  5. 1.0.0 The End. Hated Beta 1.8 tho (Bows)
  6. I enjoy them all. Although, if i had to pick one i would pick 1.3 (I think that's right) because i loved the temples, and who could forget sandstone stairs =D
  7. 1.2, with beds and lapis. Best decorating tool evar.
  8. 1.2.5 for sure. Hated 1.3, caused so much trouble, and it turned MC onto the "adventure" game path. I did really like 1.7.3, thats when MC was in its prime.
  9. I feel like I need to elaborate on why 1.7.3 was so nice, for all you young'n's out there who joined later.

    • First off, Survival.
    When you were in a cave, and you got hit by a spider, you just lost 1/10th of your will to live. Gone. Ain't coming back unless you've got food.. and you probably only have 4 pork chops max.

    Now, you just duck in a corner and regenerate after that 18 meter fall. Too much like every FPS ever, in my opinion, and it really makes the world feel a lot more.. less survival.

    • Next, terrain generation.
    No mountain biomes. You may think "Oh, no mountains? My life is over now."

    Thing is, every biome could have mountains. You could walk into a desert, and see this utterly massive floating desert mountain that was just one block update away from failing catastrophically. Nobody can resist causing sand to fall.

    • Simplicity.
    The most frivolous thing you could make was a painting. Everything served a practical use and resources like iron actually required effort to obtain. Also, no dumb debuffs. Hunting pigmen will never be as useful.
    I'll probably add to this later, when I realize more things that make Beta 1.4+ (Beds aren't useless if you can sleep in them, after all) soo good.
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