what isthe wierdest thing you have seen a mod do or say?

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  1. yesterday on smp3 some people were talking about justin beiber(sigh) and green _mystery randomly says "to bad we get his wrecthed fans."
    And also yesterday i was in a store and shaunwhite was there and he couldn't get out.So he flies out.
    well thats all from me.Post some funny or odd things here!
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  2. I saw a mod (privacy to the victim too) kick a person when the person asked if he could buy 40000 diamonds. (its a weird action for the player, too.)
  3. Well I saw a Mod Kick himself for caps xD
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  4. i saw crazy1080.

    just kidding :p
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  5. Like for you you:D

    that made me Roflmao :)
  6. I saw it raining mooshrooms and chickens, and im like WTF IS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!! Then i see Jeremy descend from the sky......Then he gives me a gold sword when i used it it regened it self, and once again im like WTF? And then, one time on my b-day, idk who but somebody (no1 had perms) caked my entire res......So much cake..
  7. I saw ISMOOCH kick a player "because you asked for it" I was ROTFLMAO for a while on that one.
  8. I saw Andrewbuchinger Kick himself and people said "lol" Then someone said "you can't do that" then andrewbuchinger kicked himself with a text "I can't do this?" lol it was kinda funny oh and he kicked teammonkey and it said " retarted donkeys have feelings too" I thought it was pretty funny.
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  9. Once a mod kicked himself / herself and the reason was to get the daily rupee sign in bonus. That's cool.
  10. I banned `Notch` once for "being a false profit" as a joke because some people had a church of Notch and were having services.
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  11. Oh lol Brandop123 got kicked for caps and it was funny then he said " Thanks Now I got my daily sign in bonus! "
  12. uriel is not lying i did do this
  13. the real notch?
  14. LOL!
  15. Well the name "notch" (the old ban system let you ban any name even if they have never played on EMC). I am not sure if he even has that name though... was just a joke :)
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  16. lol