What is your time worth? in rupees :)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by NZScruffy, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. How much would you pay someone?
    Or how much would you want to be paid per hour to work for someone?

    How much rupees do you think you could CONSISTANTLY make per hour? (As in, for 1hr, or 100hrs, what's the average you could keep making?)

    I ask this because I'd like to get an idea of how much people feel their time is worth. :)

    With all the business going on in the server, I wonder how much of the prices include peoples labor cost.

    Everyone will have very different values. Due to skill levels, or how motivated they are to make money at all (many are not). So the results should be interesting.
  2. It largely varies, from me losing 100k in an hour, or getting 200.
    On average, I'd say maybe 10-30k per hour.
  3. Since I AM sky, 40k per hour.
  4. 0, just gimme dirt.
  5. TO me it all depends on the job lol
  6. On average I'd say -20 rupees per hour. Thanks, Vault. :(
  7. Don't Know. Usually when I do a job, it varies from 5k-15k
  8. I have 300 and something rupees. I used to have 80k, but then I get banned and stuff got reset. All of this money was 'earned' through daily bonuses while I was a gold supporter (for about 5-6 months), and I never done jobs for people.

    So 0r :p
  9. Saw this thread and thought I could come up with an answer. Can't decide on a value.

    I work for free in a sense on reports / issues. We (Senior Staff / Admin) charge different amounts for our time on residence edits (probably around 200k an hour, since an average edit only takes a few minutes.) As far as what I'd pick to work for someone for an hour? I'm going to have to think on that.

    Honestly it's probably close to:
  10. I think I usually get about 5,000r to 25,000r depending on the job. I'd think I'll get about 500r per hour if I'm working.