What is your preferred method of cannibalism?

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  1. I personally enjoy musical cannibalism!

    *Music starts*
    You are so yummy!
    Ooh, that delicious tummy!

    I like breakfast in bed.
    Consisting of fried head!

    I sit upon a deck.
    Feasting upon a neck!

    *Music Stops*
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  2. First I usually like to stab or bite the victim to death. I make sure the blood is saved so their flesh is still juicy. I then de-flesh them, and eat them raw, I like juicy raw meat, especially cold. I wear their skin as clothing.
  3. Im not overly fond of cannablism but if I had to answer I would prefer to be the eater rather than the eatee
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  4. I honestly have no problems with dark ideas and themes, but I think this is a bit morbid for a lighthearted community like ours :confused:
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  5. If could eat a person i will first eat his arms, and legs, then eat the organs( kidneys, heart, brain, lungs, and the liver). After that i will burn the remains of the corpse.
  6. On a side note, dogs actually have a very nice marbling in the meat on their heads that would make a nice juicy steak...

    I'm not sure that humans would be as tasty considering the lack of real meat...it would all be fat...

    If I was a cannibal, I would hunt down big boned fellows and concentrate on the calfs and thighs. It's the best chance at getting something better than just fat...
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  7. Agreed.
  8. Dude, we all know eating them when they are shackled to a wall is the best way.
  9. I like to tender then rap up the person. Then start on there arms and legs
  10. I'd like to state here, I can get very disturbing and gruesome... So... if they are not age 'appropriate' stories or descriptions, EMC staff please feel free to edit/delete them.

    Cannibalism Method 1#
    I start fresh with a new body to get rid of evidence.
    Whilst the body is still dead for just under 4 hours, I slowly chill the body in my meat freezer, this gives it a nice flavor after eating, instead of too soft meat. After it has chilled for 2 hours and most of the liquid has been drained, I like to dismantle the main ingredient. I gently tear off piece by piece, all the limbs, as the pink muscles snap in half. After breaking down the body into pieces, I roast the parts in my convention oven. As the smell of 'pork' fills the air; yes, pork, not everything tastes like chicken; I decide it's finished. I serve and plate with a side of BBQ sauce at the next family gathering. Tastes Delicious! :D
  11. and use the victims hair to spruce up your new skin clothes