What Is Your Favorite...

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  1. What is your favorite ____ ?


    -TV Show
    -Thing to do in your spare time
    -Video Game
    -Web Site
    -Thing to talk about

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  2. -Song I want you (Shes so Heavy)
    -Musician The Beatles

    -Movie N/A
    -TV Show N/A
    -Color Red
    -Thing to do in your spare time Play Video games
    -Video Game TF2
    -Web Site Reddit
    -Thing to talk about N/A
    -Food Pizza
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  3. -Song: Can't say...
    -Musician (EDIT: Glad it said Musician, otherwise I'd have a N/A): Harry Callaghan

    -Movie: Wreck-It-Ralph
    -TV Show: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
    -Color: White
    -Thing to do in your spare time: Photoshoping
    -Video Game: Currently Battleblock Theater
    -Web Site: Here
    -Thing to talk about: My unintentionally differing opinions. I like debate.
    -Food: Hamburger, plain and simple.
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  4. -Song: This is everchanging.. But right now - In Love With The City (Ryeland Remix)
    -Band: Godsmack
    -Movie: Tron Legacy, Joe Dirt, Blazing Saddles. All the same.
    -TV Show: Props BMX
    -Color: Orange
    -Thing to do in your spare time: Gaming, but if I have money.. Usually fishing.
    -Game: Crash Team Racing on PSX
    -Website: Pandora
    -Thing to talk about: Cars
    -Food: Elk, Deer, Gator. In that order.
  5. -Song - Bonfire, Knife Party
    -Musician - Knife Party

    -Movie - Lord of the Rings.
    -TV Show - Can't tell.
    -Color - Blue.
    -Thing to do in your spare time - Gaming.
    -Video Game - Rollercoaster Tycoon.
    -Web Site - Twitter.
    -Thing to talk about - Atlethics (Running).
    -Food - Pizza or ''Kapsalon'' (Cheese salade fries.)
  6. -Song It changes, but now its Daylight by Maroon 5 or Can't Hold us by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
    -Musician I thought about this too much and now I don't know the answer

    -Movie The Avengers
    -TV Show Hmm, Black Butler maybe.
    -Color Green
    -Thing to do in your spare time Minecraft
    -Video Game Minecraft (hurr durr)
    -Web Site EMC?
    -Thing to talk about Stuff.
    -Food Seriously?
  7. -Song: the last of the Mohicans - promentory (soundtrack song)
    -Musician: Hans Zimmer

    -Movie: Prometheus, Tron Legacy, Last of the Mohicans, I don't necessarily have one favorite piece of cinematography
    -TV Show: hehee I don't watch TV
    -Color: Light Green
    -Thing to do in your spare time: Study/Minecraft/Skype
    -Video Game: Battlefield 3/Skyrim
    -Web Site: Youtube
    -Thing to talk about: planning my trip to east coast
    -Food: sushi
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  8. -Song: Silhouettes (Avicii)
    -Musician: Madeon

    -Movie: Slum Dog Millionaire
    -TV Show: Mrs Browns Boys
    -Color: Blue
    -Thing to do in your spare time: Photography
    -Video Game: Team Fortress II or Minecraft
    -Web Site: Youtube or Empire.us
    -Thing to talk about: Not really sure... Just whatever goes
    -Food: French Toast or Pancakes (Any Sweet breakfast) (Not joking)
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  9. -Song: erm I don't know Top of the World by Stephen Walking
    -Musician: that's even harder None
    -Movie: I suppose that one about the thing where that incident occurs None
    -TV Show: Oh I know this that series where the things can do those mega awesome amazing stuffs Pokémon
    -Colour: You know that one that is on many of the blocks in Minecraft Blue #33CCFF
    -Thing to do in your spare time: This and that Gaming and recording videos for YouTube
    -Videogame: Probably the one where you do strategic things Minecraft ~ Test Drive Unlimited 2
    -Website: Must I even say this http://steampowered.com - Use it for most of my games
    -Thing to talk about: What's talking? Whatever
    -Food: I'm allergic to that... The perfect slice of Pizza
  10. I don't really have one favorite of anything. All of my answers will be things I currently of a list of a few of my favorites.

    -Song: Right now probably Cult of Luna's song Vicarious Redemption. http://youtu.be/fTc75Qbb_Qg
    -Band: To name a few: Cult of Luna, Underoath, Norma Jean, Russian Circles, TesseracT, Between the Buried and Me, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Thursday.
    -Movie: To name a few: Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, District 9, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Let Me In, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
    -TV Show: South Park and Dragon Ball Z
    -Color: Black or Gray.
    -Thing you do in your spare time: Read books and comic books, play video games, listen to music.
    -Video Game: Telltale's The Walking Dead, the Professor Layton series, the Ace Attorney series, 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors, Hotline Miami, Bastion, Bioshock, Bioshock Infinite, Batman: Arkham City, Spec Ops: The Line, Dear Esther, Limbo, Portal 1 and 2.
    -Website: Giant Bomb, Gamespot, EMC, Youtube.
    Thing to talk about: Comic Books.
    Food: Pizza from Mellow Mushroom.
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  11. -Song - paint it black
    -Musician- dont have one

    -Movie- Fast And the Furious 2
    -TV Show- Family Guy
    -Color- Black
    -Thing to do in your spare time- play this laptop. pretty much it..
    -Video Game- Minecraft
    -Web Site- EMC, youtube, and Deltro-NR
    -Thing to talk about- nothing dirty.. *wistles while walking away*
    -Food- Hotdog and fries form here:http://www.dairios.com/
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  12. i love answering things :3 its so fun. :D
    i love love love pomegranates, and garlic bread!
    i tend to find myself thinking about minecraft and how much better minecraft is compared to what you do in your real daily life. lol.
    my favorite website is this lovely place, the second i open my browser, i click the bookmark to here, and the fun starts!
    video game, should be already known, minecraft... though, i do enjoy the sims3 games, and skyrim. :)
    .. i paint, i draw, and i go outside to take pictures (as i a professional photographer) :3 i like to play with my 3 beautiful birds, and play minecraft! :p
    i love cyan, i love it. but, with cyan i also love easter like colors, baby blue, pink, yellow, light green... exc.
    my favorite tv show is the game of thrones!! my goodness! i love it! :3
    my favorite movie is fight club, i love me some brad pitt :p
    ... musician? hmm, i don't think i really have one. how about i say anything along the lines of Chris Tomlin, Toby Mac, Jamie Grace, Matt Redman.
    my favorite song at the moment, i have not just ONE favorite.. but like my musicians, anything in that genre. :)
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  13. Song - Erm... "I am the doctor" and "Lead Me Home"
    Musician - Deadmau5, Daft Punk, Noisestorm, Jamie N Commons and Bear McCreary.

    Movie - The Hunger Games and/or Shaun Of The Dead
    TV Show - The Walking Dead and Doctor Who.
    Colour - Maroon
    Thing to do in spare time - My whole life is spare time. Except when i'm at school. I'd say hanging out with friends.
    Video Game - WOW. I have a few of these... Spyro (except Skylanders >.>), CoD, Battlefield 3, Homefront, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, Sims 2, Sims 3, Spore and TF2.
    Website - Youtube
    Thing to talk about - Well... whenever I talk to my friends I turn EVERYTHING into a dirty joke... i'd say Doctor Who and Walking Dead? And the zombie apocalypse.
    Food - Domino's Pizza, McDonald's and KFC's fries, Curry, Sausages and bacon.
    And because I feel like it,
    Drink - Lucozade, Dr. Pepper, Coca Cola, Mountain Dew Energy and Monster Energy.
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  14. -Song: No One- Project 46
    -Musician: Tristam

    -Movie: Batman, the dark knight rises
    -TV Show: er... pokemon?
    -Color: yellow
    -Thing to do in your spare time: answer things like these, minecraft, listen to edm
    -Video Game: minecraft
    -Web Site: empire.us/youtube.com
    -Thing to talk about: technical minecraft/music
    -Food: burger/teriyaki steak.
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  15. Nice to run into you again:) And thanks for following me x3Is that offer for the tour of the bat cave still valid?
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  16. Song- It changes a lot, so yeah
    Musician-Don't have one
    Movie- Don't know, there are lots of good ones :p
    TV Show- The Walking Dead
    Color- Orange, Purple and blue
    Thing to do in your spare time- Just talk and mess around with friends :3
    Video Game- COD 4, Minecraft, Dead Island
    Web Site- Empire forums, Facebook, twitter and Youtube
    Thing to talk about- Don't know, normal things :p Current affairs and tech I guess
    Food- PASTA!
  17. -Hold me Toghter by Royal Taylor
    -I really don't have one
    -The Sound of Music
    -Big Brother
    -Play MC, RE6, and Watch MLP
    -Tie between Resident Evil 6 and Dead Island: Riptide
    - Jesus, God, Holy spirit, ect.
    - Ceaser Salads and any type of seafood
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  18. Song-Crash Twinsanity OST - Evil Twins final boss Battle
    Musician- Paul Maccartney
    Movie- The Godfather 1-2-3
    TV Show- The Big Bang Theory, Regular Show, and Adventure time
    Color- Purple and Black
    Thing to do in your spae time- Go and walk in Ñuguasu Park, Play the drums, play Basketball with my friends, goto my ranch.
    Video Game- All COD games, Minecraft, Crash Bandiccot gaemes (eccept the last 2 games). Rise of Nation, Scary games, and Indie games.
    Web site- EMC forums, Facebook, Youtube.
    Thing to talk about- Talk about real 4x4 cars ( Land Rover and Lamborghini 4x4, Hummer copy this car), and tell people many historical and new things.
    Food- For you is called Barbecue, for me is called Asado :D
  19. Song - I Need Your Love : Ellie Gouldling
    Musician - My mother
    Movie - Scary Movie 1-2-3-4-5
    TV show - n/a
    Color - Purple & Orange
    Things to do in your spare time - Read and soccer
    Video Game - Minecraft and Bio Shock
    Web Site - Youtube
    Things to talk about - Jokes.. :D
    Food - Taco Bell? :p