What is your Favorite Search Engine?

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Which Search Engine is YOUR favorite?

Google 22 vote(s) 100.0%
Bing 4 vote(s) 18.2%
MSN 2 vote(s) 9.1%
AOL 1 vote(s) 4.5%
Yahoo 4 vote(s) 18.2%
Comcast 1 vote(s) 4.5%
Ask 1 vote(s) 4.5%
Wow 1 vote(s) 4.5%
Multiple votes are allowed.

  1. Search Engines, a critical part of everyday internet life. They guide you through the millions of articles on the web, and take you where you need to be (most of the time). They do the dirty work and dig through the random articles that no one has, or ever will read. Where would you be without your search engine?

    So, I ask you fellow Empirians, which search engine do you prefer, and why do you prefer it?
    (If your answer is not in the poll, post below)
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  2. I use google to find information, but I also use bing to search for good pictures in quality.
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  3. Goooooooooooogle
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  4. Hm, I dont know, lemme google it real quick.
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  5. Google is what I use(d?) the most, followed by Bing. However, I've also started using DuckDuckGo more as of late, the same sutff you get from Google yet without the intrusion and constant saving of all your stuff. (true story: I learned about DuckDuckGo on this very same forum).

    And I'm quite sure that there are plenty of people who may even consider me a little paranoia for my distrust of Google and their extreme data collection practices. Thing is: those things only become a problem when it's already too late to do something about it, and I try to stay ahead of that event.

    Not saying that it will go wrong (though it wouldn't surprise me) but alas...
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  6. I was going to add a few more options to the poll, like DuckDuckGo, but I accidentally hit Enter :p
    If you are looking for anonymity, try TOR. Apparently it accesses the "deep web" which not only is anonymous but is a big helping hand on the online black market. Those people want to be anonymous for a reason...
  7. Bing is obviously the best one. The others don't even put up competition! Especially Google! Hah, Google only comes up with the most irrelevant garbage!

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  8. gOOgle for the win! 10 votes so far! :)
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  9. See, that's what I'm talking about above. Pure anonymity doesn't exist, not even with TOR. Also not what I'm looking for. My main gripe is them trying to get everything out of the service if possible. Searchers pay with having their IP and searches stored, companies pay (money) by trying to get them better rated, individuals looking to get found pay with registering with Google (sharing details with them) in order to get access to Google webmaster tools, thus more control over the whole thing, visitors pay due in the likes of advertisement.

    As said; pure anonymity is an Utopia. But there is a difference between using a service knowing that you're logged (for webstats for example) and using one while knowing you're logged because people want to use your data as much as possible.
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  10. I use Google (because it's extremely convenient what with me having a Google email and all; plus, I love the layout), but I'm looking for an alternative because I'm not sure I like that it presents results based on things you've chosen previously. I want an unbiased wealth of information!
  11. If you want my advice, don't go to the Deep Web...
    Also, people recommend to NEVER use your personal accounts (Forgot the word for this) such as Gmail and YouTube when you're using The Onion Router, because people can easily access the same networks you're on that way and find out your personal information.
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  12. I usually use Google but I find Bing to be acceptable if I end up there for whatever reason. Google pretty much has the market cornered though and the only way for a search engine to avoid Bing's fate is to target a niche audience and avoid direct competition with Google.
  13. Chrome, soo ummm Google