What is your favorite food?

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  1. I happened to be hungry right now.
    I am curious, what is your favorite food?
    Please, be specific!
    Boston cream pie.
  2. Anything edible, but more specifically:
    More Bacon
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  4. Does it have to be one? Can it be several?

    Philly Steak pizza with provolone cheese and white/garlic sauce, Shepherd's Pie (which is more appetizing than it sounds), The little Chinese place I love to go to when I can makes a banging Curry Beef, Sweet and Sour Pork, Sweet and Sour Chicken, egg rolls and fried dumplings.
  5. Oh, and don't even get me started on Chinese food. And not American food like Panda Express or PF Chang's. I'm talking the real deal; sweet pork shumai, soup, chicken, with some Bak Choi and lots and lots of tea.
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  6. Where I live is near Cherry Point Marine Base so we have several little Asian stores and Chinese places. The one we go to is a family owned and operated thing. Basically if "Mama" doesn't like it, they don't use the ingredients. You actually get fried rice with eggs and stuff in it instead of just bits of pork like most of the places around here.
  7. Butter Chicken mmmm
  8. ChickenParmigiana
  9. Hmm bacon flavored icecream lol
    What Really sounds good right now jalapenos Stuff with meat and cheese wrapped with bacon
  10. Bacon weave
  11. i like cheese and bacon and other stuff like icecream and pizza
  12. Favorites have got to be;
    And prime rib. :3
  13. Bacon Strips, pizza, fajitas, CHIPOTLE BURRITOS (OMG NOM NOM NOM) tacos, burgers, steak, chips, soda, rice, egg rolls, noodles, and Hot Pocket Snackers (good for playing EMC for over 10+ hours IamSaj approved ;)) and moar!
  14. Mahaha eating like a Saiyian
  15. My Favorite food is: Lasagna or Chicken breast with Rice, salad and chicken Sauce :)
  16. I have lots Sausage grinders, calamari,lasagna. deep-fried twinkies.deep-fried ice cream, loi mein and THE BEST CHICKEN FINGERS!!!!!
  18. These are all good foods.
    Now, I need to stop posting here - it makes me hungry every time!
  19. Macaroni Cheese (Grandad's special especeally) YUM YUM YUM :)
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