What is YOUR all time favorite song?

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  1. mine is either,hold my beer while i kiss your girlfirend or like my dog.(both really good songs).

  2. Projected Twin - Shark Water
    Probably my absolute favorite. So powerful, and can be a happy and sad song depending on your views. Also, there are two YouTubers that this appeals to, thus giving me such a great feeling when hearing it.

    Whoever knows the two that this appeals to, props to you! :D
  3. i like the sogn but idk what its about
  4. This song can be interpreted in quite a few ways, depending how you see it. I view it like this..
    It is showing how even though you feel like you are worthless, your future is far more brighter than meets the eye. When it comes to the point where you don't feel "alive" anymore, reconsider your actions and breath in, tell yourself that you know what the problems are and you can shine your light to fix them. When you feel ignored, you give up. This song is showing the process of fighting off the negative thoughts of being ignored and being useless.

    Of course, there are MANY more meanings than this, but that is how I view it. I do know plenty more meanings to it. This artist (ProjectedTwin) tends to make songs that make you think about the lyrics and interpret them how you feel it should be. He does not have many songs on specific "stories", but more songs about an overall theme.
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