Whats your favorite song?

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  1. Self vs. Self by Pendulum. Search it up, it's really good. I'm at school and can't get on youtube so I can't post a link sorry.
  2. today my favourite song is Catatonia - I am the mob tomorrow it will probably be something else :)

    edit : i removed the link, i dunno the laws but incase it gets EMC in trouble :) you can search it on youtube if you want to listen to it.
  3. I've posted some songs with language in them and haven't gotten banned.
  4. My favorite would have to be after much consideration.
  5. i was more concerned with the legalities of linking copyrighted material.
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  6. Well nothing is honestly legal anymore.So I tend to not worry about said things.
  7. Well that's your call :) I'm just not comfortable with doing it as it's not my site, and not my country, so I decided to remove mine. You can still search it in youtube if you really want to.

    your song reminds me of Dresden Dolls
  8. My favorite song is... is... oh no... I just realized that I don't have a favorite song :p
  9. my favorite song, is this

    Pumped Up Kicks By Foster The People

    This is Pumped Up Kicks (Dubstep) Remix by Butch Clancy



    Dancer- Marquese (NONSTOP) Scott (booking shows!!!)
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  10. Lil Wayne Ft. Bruno Mars - Mirror
  11. i can tell that you never lie, i mean just look at your signature!
  12. Thanks for showing me your video, tshack235. That dude is awesome.
  13. How the hell is he not the star of America's got Talent or something like that? He is way better than any of the winners on there! Dang this is AWESOME!
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  14. my favorite song is probably Gods of War by Def Leppard
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  15. IKR???
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  16. Yea, its a bloody good song :) All their songs are good :)

    Atm, my favourite song is:

    It may be a couple years old, but its still great!
  17. Hmm..
    This takes more thought than I want to use... I'll get back to you on this subject. :)
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  18. It does ae, I am not even sure my song I post is my favourite, there are so many!
  19. It's really a mood thing, I guess.

    But meh.

    How to save a Life - The Fray
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