What is this?

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  1. So, I was checking up on a server and I found this. Im not sure who made it or who it is.
    Any ideas?

    Screen shot 2012-10-14 at 5.09.43 PM.png
  2. That's boss, 'nuff said
  3. :eek: Holy cow. That's Jimi Hendrix
  4. Who?
  5. Im not sure how big it is, I just saw it on a live map.
  6. That's on a server! :confused: which one?
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  8. Okay, I went out there and almost immediately some stuff came to light. The material is mushroom stalk, cobble and smooth stone. Its covered with torches spaced out to keep monsters away. The creator is Supereskimo. He is using an old plat I've gone by a few times. He left a note explaining how he needed it to help make pixel art.
  9. I need to that on live map. I salute the person who made that because that guys is bossX10000.
  10. Pixel art.
    I just blew your minds.
  11. Glad someone likes it. Also glad it's been grief-free this long. With that I take my leave.
    Scratch the leaving part. I forgot to mention, the reason I made this was so I could map it and frame it when 1.4 comes out. If I can get the map to work, I might delete this pixel art from the wild, it just depends on how it affects the hanging map. But it'll at least be here 'til 1.4.
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  12. Purple Haze all through my brain!
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  13. That was in Minecraft?
  14. woah i have a poster with that on it :)
    Jimi Hendrix rocks
  15. Why is everything blue? D:
  16. Its an ocean...
  17. Oh, it is is Minecraft :)