what is this?

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have you seen this?

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  1. i just want to set up a server for me and my friend a finley managed to port forward it and now THIS!
    EDIT: i also can't enter commands an i cant use localhost to join
  2. please tell me what this is
  3. Perhaps you could ask Justin?
  4. Just use LAN server :)
  5. Redownload the server, The files corrupted.
  6. Don't use the default minecraft server software, use craftbukkit++.
    Go here: http://www.spout.org/ and download craftbukkit++
    and then go here: http://wiki.bukkit.org/Setting_up_a_server but don't install craftbukkit. Use only craftbukkit++.

    Then make a folder with craftbukkit++ in there and rename craftbukkit++ into craftbukkit. Then open up notepad and copy + paste the code provided on bukkit, save it as run.BAT and then put that folder into your server folder. Open up the run file and generate all the files needed.

    Using bukkit allows you to use lockette (so you can lock your things) and use multiverse etc. And craftbukkit++ makes the server less laggy and bukkit overall decreases the chance of server corruption.
  7. i want to play with a friend not someone who lives with me
  8. more complex things someone needs to make a "auto server"
    and i can't find the download
  9. I'll upload a completely default bukkit folder for you. You just need to run it and your up and running (After you port foward your router)
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  11. you deserve to run smp10
  12. I'll leave that to the professional crew here at EMC :)
  13. hold on what do i run?
  14. The file named RUN
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  15. how do i port forward it
    and it says its outdated
  16. You just bumped it 5 minutes ago.
  17. Go to
    On your Router (What you plug the internet or wifi into
    You can get the Username and Password )

    It might be under advanced settings

    But you want to look for 'port fowarding'

    Once you've found it

    Go into the Command prompt on your computer (By searching 'CMD')


    Scroll up and look for the IPV4 address - It should be something like or something similar.

    Find these numbers under the port fowarding tab. - Port foward it to 25565 and leave everything else on default

    Go to http://www.whatsmyip.org/

    Then type that into the Minecraft multiplayer login page - If it worked you should be able to connect.

    Run into any problems and I'll help you.