what is this?

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have you seen this?

yes 28 vote(s) 96.6%
no 1 vote(s) 3.4%
  1. Sometimes if MC is loading slowly you can see through the ground. I have no idea what the second picture is supposed to be.
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  2. the second pic is me on a boat
  3. MC has to load a lot of chunks, so sometimes if it doesn't load on time, you don't see the blocks. The game still insinuates they are there, they're just invisible.
  4. but what about the second pic?
  5. Minecraft is buggy. <-- that is all you need to know
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  6. Same thing friend.
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  7. Its a feature not a bug!
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  8. Yes. This is called chunk lagging. It is when loading chunks screw up so that some stuff becomes invisible.
    It also occurs when your computer has bad memory or low memory XD
  9. There is no term for it, but yes, that is the problem.
  10. First picture is called an invisible chunk, its not a chunk error more of an invisible chunk. Turning off Smooth Lighting and turning on OpenGL (depends on your graphic card, do not turn it on unless you know what your doing. If you turn it on without knowing you will have errors showing) will most likely resolve this issue. As a second resort you can install OptiFine as this resolves that sort of issue.

    As for the second photograph I have no idea. Maybe your lagging.
  11. i also see green static that some times appears and goes to a number on the HUD what is that?
  12. Xray haxxxxx

  13. i am not haking!!!
  14. I get glitches like the one in the first picture sometimes. The chunks won't load until I walk directly on them.
    My workaround is to go to the graphic settings and play with the render distance. I set it to the same setting but that gets all the chunks reloaded.
  15. gosh he said jk dude. Actually leowaste said it TWICE

    P.S I fixed your spelling. :)
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  16. Everyone should be using Optifine, even with good PC, as it greatly helps world load speed...

    It will get rid of that issue.

    also, unless your running a super old pc, you should be using Advanced OpenGL...

    Not enabling that makes MC so laggy... and if it does hurt you turning it on, go to a store and buy a new video card for 50$....
  17. 1. i do use optifine
    2.i have a new oops 2008 gaming computer
    3. that is the first time i've seen this
  18. What are the specs of your gaming computer?
  19. I usually take the chunk load error as a blessing .......XD