what is the selling price of empire minecraft shops??

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  1. what rupees could i get if i selling a stack of wood or cobblestone

    what is the selling price??

    (at the empire minecraft shop)
  2. The price may vary, you can ask in town chat "Who has a mall that buys Blank and Blank?" And check different ones for comparison. If you are on Smp1, you should not have any problem finding a mall to sell your goods to. :)
  3. Wood: Min price is 64a stack
    Cobble: Min price is 20a stack

    and you can only sell to players :)
  4. No you can sell to shop chests if they have a BX:XS
    Then it goes into the chest and you get the money from it :) .
  5. Wood planks or logs?
  6. so the only way to get rupees is to vote and sell and daily reward.

  7. Make a shop or sell to others shop as mine
  8. Planks
  9. You can also do jobs for other players.
  10. Maybe 16r a stack
  11. Jobs? more info please
  12. Check business and services section in forum
  13. I don't think that White understands exactly how it works, I'll try my best to explain :)

    So, first of all, the /shop is basically only used for blocks that can't be found in the wild/without creative. It's also used to prevent major price inflation and encourage player shops.

    You can not sell to the /shop as it only sells, doesn't buy.

    So instead of using the Empire Shop - you can buy from player shops, which can be found at most residences on the servers. For examples of these, go to SMP2 and check out /v 4005, /v 3004, /v 4445

    These player shops are basically stocked with 2 different methods. 1) is people selling TO that shop sign. More info about that in "rupees and shops" link at the bottom. Method 2) is the owner of that specific shop going out to /wild and hunting for items, blocks, earn XP to enchant.

    Jobs, they can be anything really. Labour jobs (digging, breaking), supplying stores, building services. Anything that you can think of (that's legal on EMC) is yours to do. The forum topic where you can find all these services/jobs/stores is here.

    For more info, check out this (rupees guide) and this (world guide, where to find items, ect). Or ask the forums in the Help and Support topic.

    Let me know if you don't understand anything else. :)
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  14. Alex chance buys cobble stack for 50 roughly... 4005 smp2
  15. Where is Aikar/72Volt when you need them?