What is the protocol on banning?

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  1. Ok I could not find a related thread after checking the forums for two hours. My question relates to how fast are you banned and if banned your stuff disappears and if unbanned you lose everything.

    I have noticed that some people where banned without a chance to defend themselves, at least that seems to be the case. What if someone fakes evidence of lets say griefing or PvP? And reports you, are you given a chance to reply before being banned? I understand that in some cases such as using illegal mods or being caught by a mod breaking the rules then yes it is fair to being banned immediately and then appeal. But if unfairly reported and someone takes some photos of you building or mining or whatever then claiming you were griefing or PvPing. Are the mods going to ask you for your side of the story before making the decision to ban? And if banned unfairly and then reinstated will you get everything back the way it was?
  2. First off, someone will only be banned for PvP if there is sufficient evidence. Secondly, if someone feels that they have been banned unfairly, they have the option to private message a moderator and appeal a ban. Normally a player is kicked/temp banned before they get a full ban, unless it involves hacking or griefing. Their residence will stay there for the next 10 (approx) days, which is the derelict policy for EMC. Then it will be cleared. This gives a player 10 days to appeal a ban. I would say that most bans are not undone, but you do have the chance to find out why you were banned. EMC staff do a great job, and they don't ban players just because they can.

    EDIT: Also, the staff have ways to see chat logs etc. which will give them a good idea of what goes down. If someone openly admits to hacking or griefing, they don't have much chance to save themselves from a ban.
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  3. Thank you very much. I have been banned from other games before because I like to stick to the rules and have tendency to annoy rule breakers. Once a whole clan went after me for reporting one of their leaders for hacking. Another I unwittingly took an item from a clan vault, in WoW, and then returned apologizing to the whole clan even though no one had noticed, the leader booted me because he thought I was pretending to do the right thing. I have fallen in love with EMC and dont want to see the relationship terminated because of a misunderstanding or some haters.
  4. Remember you can check out the Empire Guide (empire.us/guide) to make sure you are following all the EMC rules. We have a great place going on here, and as long as you follow the guide you won't have any problems.
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  5. It's 7, isn't it? As in, their ban is only appealable for the 7 days after their ban.
    They call - I'm just going to stop, we all know it already.
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  6. It may be 7. I could be completely wrong. I was just going on the derelict policy being 10 days before their plot is reset.

    See, i'm not always right :p Just some of the time.
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  7. It's 7 for permanently banned players, 10 for all other players. :)
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  8. They call her Some-of-the-time-right Colgan...
    Nah, that doesn't have the same ring. We'll pretend aforementioned blunder never occurred.
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  9. One thing not fully mentioned was getting banned ingame normally doesn't effect your forum access. Then if you decide to make a big deal about it on the forums instead of appealing, you get a ban from both, forever. We have a recent example of it here.
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  10. I think it's 15 days now. :)

    And don't worry bud, you would never be banned for being honest on EXMC. :)
  11. Sadly there are some servers out there with staff that just ban people for the sake of banning people.
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  12. I know. Trust me, I've been on too many of those.
  13. Yeah... *cries*
  14. If you're a plane, you're permabanned w/o more evidence than that with no chance of appeal.

  15. What if I make a catapult in the wild? It is technically flying but with out mods. I once made one that catapulted me for over 30 blocks and of course I died but it was called flying by the game. Should I not make catapults? It is fun as heck.
  16. If it's a plane, it gets banned.
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