What is the most interesting history event to you?

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  1. Mine Personally is WWII
  2. Don't really know, there are lots of things. I prefer 20th century history the most. :) Generally anything before the 20th century does not interest me at all (With a few exceptions :p)
  3. I love to study about WW1 and WW2, and i do know alot about both of these wars :)
  4. WWII interests me also. The only reason I can think of as to why it interests me is because I've played games like Medal of Honor since I was like, 6, and it was like I was playing an educational game. As I got older, anything related to WWII just appealed to me.
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  5. World War Two. TANKZ. :)
  6. the war of 1812, its not very talked about in schools these days. but had things transpired differently britain and spain would of kept their colonies and then britain (being the more financially secure at the time) would of conquered all of north america.
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  7. Worst question I ever had on a test, "What year was the war of 1812?" :p

    Anyway, I'm really interested in two things, which appear to be polar opposites, but are actually very similar: The Reformation, and the Cold War. See if you can find the connection.
  8. Probably when Aikar ruined the economy of EMC, whenever that was. :p
    But in all seriousness, i love to study modern war from WWI to the present
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  9. I like WWII too.
  10. i like the greek gods (even though they are not real) i think they are very interesting
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  11. I am fascinated with anything to do with Rome (the Republic and the Empire). Edit: and 'Nam
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  12. WW1/2 And the Roman Empire/Republic, Hail Caesar! (Kai-sar)
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  13. I wonder who said yes they are a hater... :p
  14. October, 17, 2013; yesterday.
  15. WolfThunderBlade lol.
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  16. Here in Canada, schools teach the war of 1812 like its our pride and joy for burning down the White House. :p

    I like learning about any war from WW2-Vietnam.
  17. I myself am fascinated with Egyptians and Greece.
    I also like the middle ages which is what this account is named after (Clovis)
    I just like history in general. As people say, Time is past, present and the future colliding; learn from the past to use in the future.
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  18. I have a very colorful family history but something that interests me is post ww1 and pre great depression. The introduction of jazz, new art forums and appliances (even advances in the medical field) all started there. Ford started making the first mass production car, introduced business ethics, made the assembly line and things like fridges and penicillin were introduced. May items ond concepts were developed in this erra and catched on today with improvment. The great depressiom interested me also. Stocks, politics and everything else that happened interested me.
  19. I looooove Greek history, though I think my favorite event in history was Christopher Columbus. I once had to do a report on him, and I thought it was quite interesting that people often hear of him as a hero, and yet he actually was the kind of man who
    chopped of slaves' hands and hung them around their necks if they didn't get enough gold for him.
  20. Anything prior to the 1900's bores me to death, with the changes to economics and technology since then, it's really no use learning them in school as it's all so irrelevant (unless it relates to my own country), especially the ancient history of Rome and Egypt.

    I find the Cold War and the Korean War(?) intriguing, I've never learnt much about them in school.