What is the deal with the Guardian?!?

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  1. I have read in a few places that his horrible thing is a Water Temple guard, so I assume they should only spawn in water temples, BUT they spawned around my single player build in the ocean and they will not despawn. I am afraid they game thinks my build is a "water temple". I have also heard that water temples will force spawn when you roll to 1.8. So I have two concerns for EMC, 1 - That these freaks will spawn around our ocean outpost and 2 - That a water temple might spawn near our ocean outpost. Any words of wisdom?
  2. I am not entirely sure but I believe they can spawn in any ocean so that may be your problem.
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  3. I was thinking that too, so I sent out away from where my build was, no chest & hoppers, to test that theory and I didn't see a single guardian out there. So I was wondering if the combo of items in my build made the game think it was a water temple... I went out to a few random ocean locations and water guardians did not spawn with the squid, only around my ocean base. Hence why I am nervous they will do the same on EMC...
  4. Hm weird, I don't have a clue then. I hope that doesn't happen to EMC. Or at least I hope it doesn't effect anyone majorly.
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  5. That's not how the spawning works. Guardians will only spawn near Ocean Temples, and they do not naturally despawn. What could have happened:
    1. There is an Ocean Monument nearby that you didn't notice;
    2. the guardian spawned in an Ocean Monument and simply swam to where you were; or
    3. assuming your world was created before 1.8, the place where your base is would be a monument, but the game didn't create the building, just the behavior of the chunk, meaning guardians will spawn but there will be no ocean monument.
    As for EMC, I'm not entirely sure if they will/won't spawn in already generated oceans, but as far as I'm concerned they shouldn't. They will only spawn inside the monuments on the wastelands and on new chunk in the frontier. Besides, they are pretty rare, so even if they do spawn in the old oceans, they won't cause many problems.
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  6. I started up "MC Edit" and panned around through the water and the ground but I did not find any signs of a temple. So I am lending towards #3. But number 3 can be applied to EMC, all of the explored world is pre 1.8 so therefore Ocean Temples could be force spawned in any where.
  7. True, but I honestly think that, if it happens, it will be such a rare occurrence that it's not gonna be worth fixing.
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  8. Lets just get Aikar to break the spawning of them :p
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  9. im fairly certain aikar has custom spawn code on emc, he did this anticipating certain features in 1.8 and horses in 1.7 so i dont think this will really be an issue for him. he could just set them to spawn on prismarine blocks below sea level
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  10. The new ocean temple will only spawn in newly loaded chunks and if the very rare near impossible happens and one spawns near one of our outposts, then just three team him with diamond god swords its not to diffecult :)
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  11. Ah, I see what you mean. You think around the spawns in the wilderness might be the spot for a water temple, if it was an 1.8 world. Possibly, but I don't think it shouldn't be too much of a problem. If you just swim around them, they most likely won't bug you.
  12. Probably 1.8 generated the spawn chunks of the guardians, but not the temple itself because the land was already generated.
    If you start up a new world in 1.8 with the same seed (/seed) you will probably notice a water temple.

    Edit: someone gave the answer already :3
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