What is love ?.........

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  1. Awwww
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  3. EDIT: Damn, ninja'd again. I'm getting slow.

  4. Dwight sings this on his way to mobarena, during mobarena, and any other time outside of mobarena.
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  5. I am laughing way more than I have any right or reason to. :D
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  6. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh NO MORE WHAT IS LOVE..... But really. What is with that stalker dwight just photo bombing? I mean right? Oh and BEST SONG EVAR
  7. So pretty much Dwight 24/7? :p
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  8. What is Love love love love Baby don't hurt, Hurt me no more...
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  9. Love is several hundred villager "Midgets" trying to hug your face while you hit them with a sword.
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  10. Bad things is this is true. For some reason I end up singing this song at MBA event.
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  11. Love is a feeling that is used to describe strong affection for a person or thing, which is normally different for each person, meaning what love is to me might not be what love is to someone else.

    Oh.. this isn't for a definition? Well in that case, just don't go hurting someone.
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  13. starts up earthbound emulator........thanks
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