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  1. I'm making a remake of a book I wrote in April, and this time I actually want feedback. Post any ideas you have for me, and any constructive criticism you have, please share.

    Link: http://bit.ly/TztH6k
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  2. This sounds amazing, I'd love to hear more.
  3. I've noticed a few spelling mistakes. Working on them now.
    EDIT: Updated the doc. All spelling mistakes should be fixed.
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  4. It's good... it's just that it seems like ti happened all to fast. Add more description and take your time.
  5. Yeah, I thought that too. I'll be adding a few more things into that chapter. I can write really gruesome stuff and really good action, but with suspense and stuff: I'm crap.
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  6. Is this supposed to make no sense? Rick didn't really do a great job of explaining what happened. Is this on purpose?
    Also, someone's leg fell off? Or the teacher's
  7. I thought I made it pretty clear about everything?...
  8. Derp didn't see "and then he bit him" makes way more sense. XD Sorry
  9. Amazing - Continue writing this book :) - I want to see more
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  10. Right faster!!!:mad:
    I am HUNGRY for more!!!
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  11. That sentence didn't make sense to me :confused:
  12. i would like more before i give any judgement so that way i can tell where you are going with this (whether or not it will be a common "zombie-like" book or if you will change it up at little"
  13. Romero Zombies. The ones that have no eyesight but hunt with sound and smell, and are slow...with another twist.
    (Taking inspiration from The Walking Dead and World War Z)
  14. It's part of a larger sentence, I just skipped it while reading :/
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