What I did yesterday :)

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Roslyn, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. Yesterday I went on a hiking trip pretty much and took these photos of the baron wasteland land that I live in lol.

    For Margirette: since we don't live far from one another, I took these in castaic :) just if you were wondering
  2. Nice. I love hiking.
  3. I'd take your baron wasteland versus the snow here, anyday :3
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  4. I wouldn't mind going there.... I like heat and lots of it. I love summer and going outside in summer. Come on down to the eastern continental United States if you get too warm.... I'd go there any day right now. I don't mind the cold here. Just want warmth.
  5. I would love snow. It never snows in Austin.
  6. If you can make a teleporter, you can trade me places.
  7. Ikr it never snows here either
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  8. I could tell. :p
  9. I would love to hike/camp that. We have forest and hills here. If your not going up your going down. Oh and more hills. Did I mention hills?
  10. It's a gift to live a place like that ;)
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  11. I went 50 miles along the Buckeye trail, and in fact, we got in the local news for it.
  12. Nice. What texture pack is that? :p
  13. You live in a barren area? Holy hell, if you think that's barren you've obviously never visited England - we have nothing like that here :O
  14. I have visited England before but my definition of barren wasteland is overgrown wilderness