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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by wonderwoman_16, Aug 16, 2016.

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  1. Hello EMC! As you guys know, I have been a little weird, mean, and I should be punished. Well, before I leave, I am going to change that. My wood business orders will be completed (some people canceled), and I will change my behavior. Sorry and all have a good day =)
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  2. If you are going to complete your wood orders I suggest that you display a schedule. I know that you can PM people the times that they can expect their order, but by putting up a schedule and actively updating it, people will actually know how much progress you have made.

    Also, you may quote someone two weeks for their order, but if they knew that there were 30 people in front of them, they may want to play it safe and cancel their order.
  3. Tomorrow through Saturday.
  4. Weird? yes, defo! But mean? No way. i think its often been the other way around, the way ppl react 2 u.

    but i dont think u were mean and i also dont believe u were unfair.

    defo a little weird sometimes, but u gotta admit that was also kinda funny sometimes ^.^
  5. yeah guys be nice to my alt
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  6. I added up all your orders and you committing four days to gather 2702 stacks of logs maximum. If you even had to gather half of that, 1351 stacks of logs, that's 338 stacks per day. Assuming you play for 14 (16 minus meals, but no breaks), that's 24 stacks per hour. That is assuming that you are constantly cutting wood, with no breaks, no storage time, no planting/growing, etc. That is beyond unreasonable, even for just half of the totals orders you have (granted some people have canceled).

    Again, I highly suggest you put out a real schedule that is reasonable, lists all current orders, and lists a goal for when each order will be completed.
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  7. I think I can handle it...
  8. You're able to handle 28 hours of nonstop cutting per 24 hour day for the next 4 days?
  9. No, that's not what she said. She has good intentions, how about helping her out? :)
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  10. GL when ya leave!!! :)
  11. Good intentions or not, her customers want realistic expectations not random time frames.
    We are! I did some math to show her that her timeline is not realistic, and suggested a method for keeping customers happy and informed. If she were to make a schedule here she would not be bombarded with PMs every hour.
  12. just gonna say time passes quickly when ya having fun
    fun=quick time
    quick time= not enought time ! :eek: =/

    just how i see it, hoped i help
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  13. maybe she has helpers doing it for her too? be nice to my alt dang yall!
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  14. cant tell if you are joking, miss 1pril or you telling truth
    #illuminati nvm #noclue4real
  15. Well, since I always seem to be interrogated whenever I respond on any of these threads, allow me to explain how your accusation is blatantly false.
    The following is what was said in full unedited form.
    She's clearly saying that she will be finishing the orders "Tomorrow through Saturday". Following this statement, jkjkjk182 replied explaining how it seems fairly unreasonable that all of her orders could possibly be finished by Saturday. This was the reply from jkjkjk.
    Once again, jkjkjk not only added up all of the orders of the service and calculated the time necessary to complete them, he also added in some helpful input on a possible solution in order to keep customers satisfied and away from her inbox.

    Nobody ever denied that her intentions were negative. She's trying to fulfill the orders and promises she made on her other thread, which is of course a great thing to do. She has great intentions without a doubt ;)


    If what jkjkjk and I have said thus far hasn't been helpful, I am not quite sure what else we could do to help aside from straight up finishing the orders for her. Jkjkjk calculated the orders and the time it would take, offered a possible solution, and then I explained how it would be impossible to accomplish the fulfillment of all of the orders within the timeframe that wonder_woman16 provided for her customers.

    Jkjkjk's calculations explained how it would 14 hours per day in order to complete *half* of the orders by Saturday. For wonder_woman16 to reply saying that she can handle that is completely impossible; of course yielding my reply confirming that it would indeed take 28 hours per 24 hour day in order to fulfill all of the open orders by Saturday. There is no negativity, no harassment, no rudeness, and no condescension to be found anywhere in any of the replies.

    Moving forward, I would greatly appreciate it if I could have the pleasure of replying to a thread without being slammed with accusations of wrongdoing, please and thank you. :)
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  16. If we want to help we have to phrase the message in a way it will be well received. For an analytical person the math and calculations are the right approach. For others though it just creates a barrier. That's not necessarily bad...if you're ever buying a car from a dealer the last thing you want to do is listen to his math. ;)

    And I'm not saying your conclusion is wrong...this is an enormous amount of work.

    Don't be afraid to ask people to wait. Nobody is expecting quick delivery. You told them to not pay in advance they knew they placed HUGE orders. It's your choice on what to do next...what I would do is maybe try for one large order each week, and let my customers make the decision if they want to stay in line or not. (that's only fair to them) Either way, good luck!
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  17. If math creates a barrier for you, you really shouldn't be in the business of anything. Business is math, inside and out. By opening up a business, you'd have to face the math that always comes with a business.
    Well, of course, consumers hate math. However, in this case, the consumer isn't the one with the math. Wonder_woman16 is the one that has to deal with the math here in this case (the equivalent to the car dealer in your analogy), which seems perfectly in line. If car dealers didn't deal with math and just handed out cars on 0% interest and $0 down leases, they'd all be broke and out of business ;)
  18. I told myself to stay out of this thread but what the hell,

    The issue here is she is leaving EMC starting August 21th, which is Sunday. She has no plans to return until Mid 2017. Trying to complete one large order each week would be impossible.
  19. Wait? we have been waiting longer than she initially gave us a pick up date especially the first people that ordered
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