What happens when Aikar has a flint and steel

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  1. Here y'all go... its scary and lag
  2. Pic won't work still -_-
  3. press upload a file and find your screenshots folder, it's in .minecraft.
  4. While uploading a file in your message works quite fine it might also be a good idea to look into "picture sites" such as Imgur. In fact, I'd recommend trying that one out first. It's an ideal place to simply upload pictures after which you can share them on EMC. You don't even have to register to use it.

    But if you do then Imgur could also be a very good place for you to store your pictures which everyone (including your friends) can then see (if you allow them to).

    Hope this can help too.
  5. So, when Aikar has a flint and steel, your pictures break? :eek:

    Hehe hey ww2fan :D sorry I couldn't help myself.
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  6. THIS is what happens.

  7. Where was this? :confused:
  8. Last night, smp2 /event.
  9. That's actually really pretty! Fireee! :)
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