what happened to the shop guide?

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  1. where did the shop guide website go?
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  2. Yea I was just about to post this!
  3. The last time I clicked it, it didn't work. So it could have been taken down for fixing or because of the new planned shop update that's supposed to be coming.
  4. I think that it was spamed with old shops that no longer existed.
    I think they need to make a new one where the auctial price is displayed
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  5. No kidding... The domain expired. raenis, who manages it, hasn't been on since September 13, and I haven't heard anything from him since I first joined in April...
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  6. I asked IcC about this awhile back. He said since EMC doesn't control the shop website, so they can't do whatever it is to fix it.
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  7. I have a solution!.....
    Put it on this website!
  8. I have another solution .... Take the coding of when someone makes a buy/sell sign in game ... and put their name into a file with the item buy/sell and it's price .... then have them all categorized .... then on the website - have it so we can see a form of the file in visual form instead of text form - and bam; EMC's version of a shop guide :D
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  9. It was great for looking and finding new shops but terrible for actually buying in my experience haha
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