What happened to res 5?

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  1. What happened to the old shop res on smp 1? There are glowstone blocks in the air and holes in the ground.

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  2. TNT Melon harvesting.
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  3. What?
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  4. It was shop, but since it got moved its not there anymore.
  5. I know that it used to be /shop. I wanted to know why there were tnt craters in the ground.
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  6. Moved?
    Looks like this happened to it
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  7. Ok, so there was this small party on smp1's admin lounge, Aikar was there along with some people.
    Then, someone randomly posted in chat 'What's the fastest way to harvest melons?'
    Someone answered 'TNT'.
    Aikar said 'Everyone to /v 5 for TNT Melon harvesting!'
    Then he made a big bedrock ball, and a smaller melon ball filled with TNT and started 'harvesting'.
    Then he made the bedrock ball become a glowstone ball, and did one last harvest, but the TNT didn't blow up all the glowstone, and it did some damage to the ground.
    That should explain everything :D
  8. Well, that :p
  9. I see ICC has trained Aikar well in the art of TNT.
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  10. Couldn't have been that well if there was still glowstone left. ;)
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  11. Hes a begginner ;)
  12. *Dont edit my post!*
    I trained ICC :)

    SMP7 res started it all!
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