What happend????!?!?!

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  1. today on 16:08 (dutch time) after i came back from something, i saw that my vault has been wrecked, the top floor has some huge holes in it, and i looked at the flags, but the ones who have build flag on my res weren't online. so what could have happend???? and before i went away this wasn't there...... 2013-11-30_16.09.55.png
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  2. Did you have a nearby fire or any missing items?
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  3. Do you have a little brother or sister?
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  4. nope i don't have any younger brothers of sister, only 1 sister who is older
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  5. i have a nearby fire, but there is a wall between it, and if it was on fire, then why aint my whole vault burned away??
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  6. do you have firespread enabled on your res? and if this was in town, the only other explanation that makes sense is someone with build on your res did it. how do you know they weren't online?
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  7. Fire goes out eventually on wood and such.
    This is most likely what happened.
    Fire ignited wall
    Wall gets burned hole in it
    Fire travels through hole
    Fire ignites blocks on other side
    Vault is destroyed
  8. It was in town and they used ./p
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  9. I got build, TheOlburgen got build and Pietza got build.

    I was online on SMP 7 and so was TheOlburgen, besides we are not griefers.

    Pietza hasn't been active in a long time :p
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  10. well if that be'd true, then why is there only a part of my vault destroyed instead of the whole vault, cause everything is made of wooden planks...
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