What happen?

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  1. What happen today! I tried to get on to any of the servers i have and it just came up with all these random writing stuff! :( I hope this problem is fixed and i can get back onto EMC soon! What do you think happened?
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  2. What i think happened is too many "what happened with minecraft" were made so it crashed the whole minecraft server...
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  3. WHy are some people able to login.
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  4. Thats Crazy!
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  5. I know theres only 5 people on EMC out of all servers!:rolleyes:
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  6. ohamgee, i am laughing like a mental atm xD sorry zaccy... just had to laugh...
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  7. I think minecraft has crashed cant get on any sever and am Board!!!!!:(
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  8. Talk to me ill take the boredness borness bordneseses bor... ahh forget it how ever you say it ill take it outta you :)
  9. The minecraft session server is down, meaning no one can log in to any server unless it is running in offline mode. (EMC is not)
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  10. Can you please like all my posts it would make me feel not so bored any more!
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  11. Likes for everybody!! :D
  12. Don't ask for likes, it's against the rules :)
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  13. Ok soz! :confused:
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  14. It is? where does it say that?
  15. I wonder how many likes i have im going to check
  16. No problem :) Thank you for listening.
  17. Go Alex the teacher! Lol:):cool::D;):p
  18. Guys SMP2 is rebooting!! This might be the Minecraft god coming