May I get at least 70 Likes?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Lyptuzz, May 17, 2012.

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  1. I want 70 likes because it says: "Lyptuzz New member" when I'm longer on EMC than d1223m so I would be very happy if I would get 70.

    P.S: I also need it because I've got 0 Likes
  2. Maybe instead of begging for likes you should try posting more (only 5?) and putting more thought into your posts?
  3. A "New Member" is defined by someone who doesnt get the customary and by someone that does not pay much attention to the does and donts.

    Apparently - you just showed that you're still a "New member"

    Have fun.

    Likes comes to he who deserves it!
  4. Nothing will come for a attention seeker.
  5. 501 likes for me. As the people who posted above me intelligently stated, you have to deserve them.
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  6. Why does it matter if the forum says you're a new member? I mean, it does it for a reason. As log as you know you're not new, should it matter? And you can also get trophy points from posts, but don't spam, hijack, or break any rules doing so.
  7. 502, now.
    (OMG I realized I have more likes than Alex :O)
  8. Cos I'm dumb aye ;) I got more posts.
  9. Im afraid your not allowed to ask for likes as tempting as it is :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.