What Games Do You Play?

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  1. What Games Do You Play Mostly Except Minecraft ?
    I Play Steam Games Mainly, Arma 2 , TF 2, The Hidden ( Garys Mod Addon Thingy )
    I Also Play Xbox 360, Battlefield 3 , All Halo Games.
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  2. I play Transformice and less actively Roblox and Spiral Knights. I recently started playing Gaia Online as well n.n
  3. League ALL THE WAY!!!!
  4. i play FIFA ;3
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  5. MW2/3 - BF3 - Ghosts (but not since I bought MC) :cool:

    Edit - And Skyrim of course
  6. No main other games. I make my own game on saturdays, and I just play games on newground or notdoppler(finished FML mode in this is the only level too:D)
  7. Usually play GTA5 (PS3), Assassins Creed (all of them) (PS3),Battlefield 4 (PS3), Minecraft (PC), Don't Starve (PC) lol thats about it for me.
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  8. I don't follow a specific genre. I'll take on anything from:
    -Tower Defense
    My favorite game in the world is Dishonored. Especially with The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches DLC packs. It doesn't get any better than that for me. :D
  9. I like very challenging video games that no one can complete. It makes me feel like a god.....
  10. I play a few games on steam. Portal 2 mainly. SimCity will also dominate my gaming as of tomorrow :p
  11. I mostly play:

    Minecraft, Don't Starve, TF2, GTA5, Fifa 14, Ghosts, BO2, BF4, WoW, Sims 3

    Might change as new games come out.
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  12. CS:GO (Not very good but I still enjoy it)
    And when The Next Car Game comes out I will be playing that non-stop (Link)
  13. At the moment, just Terraria, Starbound, and Mount & Blade: Warband.
    We'll ignore the unhealthy overdose of MMOs.

    I can't really think of any other games I play with any amount of frequency.
  14. Right now it's
    • League of Legends
    • Firefall
    • Payday 2
    • Natural Selection 2
    And when it's open, the ESO beta.
  15. PS3: GTAV, BF3, Skyrim, NFS:MW, Infamous 2.

    I'd play other games on my computer, but Minecraft is about the most my current laptop can handle :p
  16. I play skyrim , LoL (euw), mc ofcourse , hearthstone, Battlefield 3, Just Cause 2, Gw2
    And on my ps3 : gtaV , sometimes bioshock, farcry3.

    These are the games i play the most.

    And fallout newvegas/3 on my pc and ps3
    But i prefer pc because that has better grafics. And runs smoother
  17. There is such a wide variety of what people play, you would assume everyone would have at least a few common games :D so many games i haven't even heard about :D
  18. I play my games on the PC, these being Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 Mainly and others like TF2, CS-GO and Mincraft of course haha ;D
    any PC Battlefield players, maybe add me on Origin haha :)