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Should it be installed onto empire?

No way would this work 4 vote(s) 36.4%
I Would love this, it's a good idea 3 vote(s) 27.3%
Only on the special hardcore server 4 vote(s) 36.4%
  1. I have been traveling around looking at features of other servers recently, and one thing that I found that I think empire would really benefit from is a fun pluggin called fractions, for those of you that have no idea what it is-it lets you create groups/clans on the server, you can protect land with it as well but you need power for that, you can go kill millions of mobs to get power or get new players to your group. You can name your group and make a slogan that is shown when sombody enters your territory, you also set a home that everybody in your group can warp to. This pluggin would really stand out and will give such a great powerful meaning to the name that is EMPIRE MINECRAFT. We could use this in two different ways in the wilderness, or on the special hardcore server that Justin mentioned on a previous thred that he was making, if we were to use it we would have to modify it to fit our use so please don't go crazy arguing about flaws it's just an idea, if anybody what's to try out fractions, just post and I'll give u one of the ip s I found for you to try ( if any mod sees this thred I would love to know your opinion )
  2. I believe this could cause some trouble as it would not online create hundreds of 1 Man factions but it would create tons of areas wer ppl couldnt do anything
  3. Common I didn't ask to be trolled ;(
  4. Wo troled u?
  5. You, well you didn't mean to but you posted "You put this in...." so he thought you were trolling him :/
  6. Srry didn't know there was a thred for that, and I did say that it would have to be modified to suit empires needs e.g Justin has to give u perms to protect land and start a new group
  7. This just in: disagreeing with someone's idea is the new definition of trolling.
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  8. Na it's not really trolling just a bit annoyed that I pointed out, I would prefer people not to start critasising deeply, ok I take the trolling thing back but still
  9. Dude criticizing inst troling u asked for opinion!
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  10. The server already uses code from (I assume) TOWNY... no need for this... what you need to understand is - EMC doesn't do stuff 'willy-nilly'...

    There are some downfalls to the wild - this could fix it - but then there would be NEW downfalls.
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  11. I don't like the "Clan" idea only because people wont get on as much and the hole idea of EMC is to be friendly to each other.

    The only reason the Delta Team works is because it is a group of people who just go mining with each other and then Build cool Buildings with each other.though Moderators and Staff are advised not to join any groups)
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  12. Yeah I understand that, I just thought it suits empire as one of the servers I visited had a network of towns set up, somehow they had disabled aspects of it like declaring war and Pvp and the group/clan you were in was your town and I thought it seemed quite friendly and fun so I posted the idea of it here, if u think it wouldnt work in a friendly aspect it could easly work on the hardcore server
  13. I think something like this could possibly be implemented to stop griefing on the Hardcore server if there will be no protected town
  14. That's the idea :)
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  15. Maybe areas of the wild (in said hardcore server) that are separated some what, and say you have to form a 'group' (I'm not saying clan because that insinuates groups of people who do not work together/help one another) of 3-5 per say, and they get a plot with shared rights. This works for single groups, like I would be involved in potentially, or clan groups like the Delta group because they could claim several different plots with all clan members who have a clan leader in each plot to 'keep order' or so to speak... idk let them figure it out it's just a suggestion. Aside from that, Mobs would spawn everywhere, even in the plots if your not careful enough to take precautions against this, basically meaning that permission flags are basically the only things that these lots have to 'protect them'. There could also be a large empire shop in the middle, in the form of a castle or stronghold or something of the sort, with no mobs, etc. of course.