what does it mean when it says "another players shop detected"

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  1. when i put down a sign for a shop i get a message that says "another players shop detected" what does this mean and how do i put down my shop sign. i already have lots of shop signs and i know i am doing the same thing i was doing before. please help!
  2. It actually means that you are trying to setup a shop at a chest where another player's chest shop is located, just create your shop on another chest :)
    BTW: How the hell does another player has a shop inside your plot?
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  3. idk nobody has access to my lot besides me and my shop has been set up i am just now completing it. and im not sure still how to fix this because it is happening on all of the chest i have left to do have this same problem.
  4. It is a bug, you prob have a different sign directly behind it or close to it :)
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  5. Hi Guys,

    I am getting that message a lot and it surely is not caused by wrong sign/chest placements.
  6. It is a bug. What causes it is a different sign (like an access sign or any other sign) that is placed close (like on the other side of the same block). I have this on my list of things to fix, sorry.
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  7. Thanks for confirmation :)
  8. anyone can make a shop on a lot they have build and container perms in :)
  9. Yeah, that. But you need to give the perms, and to give the perms you must be waken up and reading what you are typing, that's why i was so :O'sh
  10. The bug is getting more annoying. Today I was changing a price and I couldn't put the sign back to the extact position where it was.

    Ah well, encourages redecorations :)
  11. Probably because you placed a sign on the other side of the block AFTER the chest shop sign was in place :) Again sorry, I am going to look into this soon :)
  12. Sounds fair enough, thank you very much :)
  13. I'm not having that issue myself. I put shop signs on both (or all four) sides of blocks in my shop, and have never had that problem.
  14. Actually it seems that the problem is solved, at least I recently could place signs again where they did not work before.

    Justin, did you work on this one or was it coincidence?
  15. Coincidence, or ummm I fixed it!! Haha, I am always fixing things but didn't purposely fix this.
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  16. FTW!
  17. Yeuup Justin thats it. We all new it but you finally admitted it. You are magic. 0.0
  18. Justin is now able to fix things by simply staring at the code and it cowers into submission.
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  19. OK, I hate to say it, but only Notch and Jeb can do that. ROFL
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  20. Its like they are all Chuck Norris' of Minecraft